Issue 154 - Nov

Nurse speaks out: ‘Hospital staff are sick of working understaffed’

Damien Davis-Frank works as a nurse in the emergency department at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney and is the Vice-President of the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association branch there. He spoke to Solidarity about the impact on hospitals of Sydney’s recent COVID outbreak and why the strain on the health system is not over.

Victorian teachers begin industrial action over excessive workloads

Teachers in Victorian public schools have commenced industrial action to secure a new agreement that reduces excessive workloads and delivers wage justice for the lowest paid staff.

Transport strikes win gains on job security

Around 3000 workers at Fedex are planning rolling four hour stoppages nationwide, in response to the company’s refusal to improve job security as part of enterprise bargaining.

Nuclear power—not green, not needed, not safe

Nuclear power is no help in tackling climate change and remains linked with nuclear weapons development, writes Sarah Thorne

Why standing up for Palestine is not antisemitic

Rob Ferguson is an anti-racist activist and a member of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain who has written widely on the use of the IHRA definition on antisemitism. He spoke to Solidarity’s David Glanz.

Why parliament and the state block real change

Jordi Pardoel looks at Lenin’s State and Revolution and why the capitalist state cannot be reformed or taken over through parliament by workers and the oppressed

COP26 failure shows why we need system change

World leaders promoted the Glasgow COP26 summit as a “last chance” to hold warming to the 1.5 degree limit agreed at the Paris summit in 2015. Yet it has ended in failure.

Sudanese revolutionaries resist military coup

The military coup in Sudan has been met with a huge wave of protests and strikes that have declared “revolution until victory”.

US workers begin to flex some industrial muscle

American workers were on strike in their tens of thousands in October. More than 185 strikes have taken place in 2021 at about 255 workplaces across the US.

Stop Andrews’ pandemic power grab

The Victorian government has proposed legislation to cover the management of pandemics. It would enshrine the authoritarian response that has characterised the state’s handling of COVID-19.

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