Issue 179 - Jan

Victorian teachers defy intimidation to support Palestine

As Israel ramped up its genocide, and or own state and federal education ministers threw their weight behind it, teachers in Victoria used our rank-and-file networks and the Trade Unionists for Palestine campaign to take collective action.

After the Voice, Albanese’s inaction on Indigenous rights is exposed

The failure of the Voice to Parliament referendum has exposed Anthony Albanese’s commitment to racist policies and severe neglect in Indigenous Affairs.

US still backing Ukraine proxy war despite bloody cost

Even with the war in Ukraine stuck at a bloody impasse, the US and NATO are determined to keep the killing going to further their own interests in a proxy war with Russia.

World leaders at COP28 still on course for climate catastrophe

Despite the overwhelming evidence that serious action is urgently needed to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis, 2023’s UN climate summit COP28 provided nothing in the way of solutions.

Indigenous activist Ray Peckham: How unions helped stop segregation in the 1960s

Paddy Gibson spoke to Indigenous activist Ray Peckham about the fight against segregation and the Aboriginal Welfare Board, and how trade unions aided the struggle

How the Arab nationalist revolt challenged imperialism

The national independence movements of the 1950s fought Western imperialism, but the states that resulted were not capable of winning real liberation, writes Miro Sandev

How Labor supported Israel’s bloody birth in 1948

The Australian Labor Party’s leaders have backed Israel from the beginning, playing a key role in the UN partition plan in 1947 that triggered the Nakba, writes Tom Orsag.

Albanese government rejects ‘premise’ of genocide as Israel faces world court

Israel’s “genocidal acts” in Gaza have been laid out in meticulous detail in South Africa’s case at the International Court of Justice.

Labor’s migration policy puts profit before people

Labor is fuelling racist views about migration, announcing a major crackdown on the number of people entering Australia to study or work.

Israel threatens wider war on Lebanon against Hezbollah resistance

Israel is threatening to widen its war into Lebanon.

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