Things they say

The foot-in-mouth of the 1 per cent

I invite financial markets to behave in a rational way. Spain is on track.

Wishful thinking from Chairman of the euro zone finance ministers, Jean-Claude Junker

I don’t think we are anywhere near halfway through.

British Prime Minister David Cameron on the Eurozone debt crisis

The process has kept the university in the papers and broadcast media for months and it culminated on Monday in what was as close to a student riot as Sydney has seen for years.

The Australian on the Sydney Uni protest outside the Senate meeting

Why do I not talk to Peter much these days? Because as all of his ex-friends know, lunch with Peter is an agony. It’s a nightmare.

Former Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger

The falling out of love of the French will be worse than his divorce with Cécilia… It wouldn’t surprise me if he goes through a small depression.

Friend of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy on his election loss

He doesn’t drink… employers and union officials usually have a few drinks together and sort things out but you can’t do that with Dave.

Outgoing Australian Industry Group chief Heather Ridout on new ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver.

He used to buy a banana a day off me. In the last three months, he’s come back. He makes the comment ‘oh, it’s nice to see bananas are back to the normal price’.

David Bisoglio, who runs the fruit stall at Martin Place in Sydney on Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens’ buying habits

I wasn’t aware the Marx and Lenin had written, “Workers of the world unite and go forth and allow businesses to carry back losses from the previous year’s tax returns.”

AWU Secretary Paul Howes wasn’t impressed by The Australian’s view that Labor’s budget was communist


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Things they say

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Things they say

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Things they say

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