Things they say

We do have real threats, we do have real enemies. Some of them are internal and they have to be monitored.

Tony Abbott reveals a lot about ASIO at a speech at the opening of its new multimillion dollar headquarters in Melbourne

Julia Gillard was one of the great reforming prime ministers of Australia. There. I want that one on the record now, before it becomes conventional wisdom in a few years time.

Does union leader Paul Howes think that cuts to single parent payments and university funding will go down in history as great reforms?

I am an Alpha female, a go-getter who will climb up the ladder and not look behind… When it comes to us the sisterhood, it’s is non-existent. I categorically do not do house-cleaning, it’s low dollar productivity.

Bahar Etminan, editor of an online lifestyle web site, showing how well she can relate to the lifestyles of working women

I would very much like it to arrive. I’m going on holiday soon.

The Queen wasn’t happy the Royal Baby didn’t conform to her busy schedule of holidays from her life of parasitic luxury

Most women have the attention span of a gnat.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron explains why women prefer tennis to cricket

A transition to democracy.

The Wall Street Journal on the rule of General Pinochet in Chile, which it says Egypt should copy. Pinochet’s regime killed and tortured thousands


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Things they say

Telling quotes from the rich and powerful

Things they say

My excuse? I was a bit zoned out. Bad luck, every gun is loaded, every mic is on.Collingwood President Eddie McGuire on why he...

Things they say

We rang everyone in December and said, ‘Please, don’t come.’A “Labor strategist” in Western Australia didn’t want the great reputation of federal Labor...