Things they say

We rang everyone in December and said, ‘Please, don’t come.’

A “Labor strategist” in Western Australia didn’t want the great reputation of federal Labor harming their electoral campaign, according to The Herald Sun

The broad consensus between major political parties about Indigenous policy is one of the most encouraging features of our political climate.

The Australian editorial today on March 18 celebrating the bipartisan support for paternalism

I’ve long since given up trying to persuade people it was the right decision.

UK Prime Minister at the time of the Iraq invasion, Tony Blair

We know so much more about the whole Iraq war and the aftermath, that looking back you’d have mixed feelings about the whole episode.

Australian General Peter Cosgrove has “mixed feelings” about the deaths of one million people and the destruction of a whole country

Bergoglio is a man of power and he knows how position himself among powerful people. I still have many doubts about his role regarding the Jesuits who went missing under the dictatorship.

Eduardo de la Serna, co-ordinator of a left-wing group of priests, on the accusations that the new Pope Francis (formerly Jorge Bergoglio), collaborated with the military junta in Argentina


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Things they say

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Things they say

We do have real threats, we do have real enemies. Some of them are internal and they have to be monitored.Tony Abbott reveals a...

Things they say

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