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I don’t think it’s a very Christian thing to come in by the back door rather than the front door.

Tony Abbott when asked on the radio about whether his attitudes to asylum seekers were actually un-Christian

[The public] just can’t understand why people are thrown into jail for petty theft and these guys just walk away having perpetrated what looks like a conspiracy.

Vince Cable, a Minister in the British government that passed new laws to punish rioters, now referring to the bosses of Barclay’s Bank found to fiddling the interest rates for more than US$800 trillion of securities and loans

My motivation for joining the Liberal Party was that I was anti-communist, and that also applied to Costello, Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz, a whole generation of Liberals.

Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger reminiscing on the good old days

You revert to norm, which is: I like antiques and travel, football and the races, and if your friends from politics don’t, you don’t tend to see them a lot.

Michael Kroger again on drifting apart from Peter Costello

If you send in NATO, it’s also good to send a bit of culture.

Martin Roth, the director of London’s Victorian and Albert Museum about a street art exhibition in Tripoli in April, sponsored by the Museum and the British Council

I have a lot of respect for Gina. She might have eccentricities, but she is Australian.

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce on Gina Rinehart

If the Greens had their way, I doubt NSW would ever win the State of Origin.

Paul Howes forsees an unspeakable tragedy if The Greens ever take power

Rinehart seems to think politics and politicians are for sale.

Aren’t they, Malcolm Fraser?


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Things they say

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Things they say

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Things they say

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