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I am looking at everything. You have to do the hard things and you have to do them up front. And there’ll be a hell of a lot more.

Campbell Newman when asked why he axed funding to the Premier’s Literary Awards, and programs such as Sisters Inside (for women in prison) and the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (which runs HIV awareness programs

This calendar year is going to be incredibly busy because this government is in such a mess.

Newman again

I can say we owe our lives to these two people.

Refugee Mehdi Joharchi tells a people smuggling trial his opinion of the two “very nice” Indonesian people smugglers who brought him to Australia

Now the dispute is over. Toll gave in.

The Financial Review’s Grace Collier sums up the outcome of the Toll dispute

We’ve been completely out-spent… In fact, every nation on earth has been out-spent by Great Britain at these Games. In some sports, it’s three or four times the funding that Australia is receiving in those sports.

Nick Green, chef de mission of Australia’s Olympic team, is already demanding more elite sports funding

But we’ve retained the essence of the Titanic by having first, second and third class. I think that’s very important.

Clive Palmer on his plans to rebuild the Titanic, and keep the lower orders in their place

This is just for me to go for a little sail around the world in.

Palmer explains why he isn’t interested in business partners for the venture

I don’t know.

Aung San Sui Kyi, when asked if the ethnic Rohingyans (90,000 of who were being driven out of their homes by the Burmese army) were Burmese


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Things they say

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Things they say

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Things they say

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