Things they say

We’re not making stuff up as we go along

Gillard’s claim that the government knows what is doing with Nauru isn’t fooling anyone

If the United Nations helps us to stop the boats then it’s a worthy investment

Joe Hockey has a wide understanding of world affairs

It’s been 27 years since we served on the UN Security Council and that is far too long for a nation of our status

Julia Gillard thinks Australia is undervalued

If a millionaire had $30 million or $3 billion in his account and he’s lost say $3 million, he’s still got enough to go and buy good toys to soothe his soul with

Meg Dahiya, managing director of The Luxury Network, commenting on Gucci opening a new shop in Brisbane’s CBD

I would have serious questions about sending my children to a college at the University of Sydney at the moment… That’s something that concerns me … because I know that these are also remarkable communities that take pastoral care very seriously with high-achieving students and that this is only a very small part of the story

University of Sydney Vice Chancellor Michael Spence doesn’t seem to think the rot goes to deep at St. John’s College

It’s just bad behaviour by undergraduates

Tony Abbott was even less concerned by the scandals at the St John’s College

It is hard to see anything more that political panic, and the abandoning of any hint of principle in favour of base populism

The Murdoch-owned Courier Mail tells it like it is in its editorial over the excision of the entire Australian mainland from the migration zone

Make no mistake. Topside is a concentration camp. There I will say it.

Anna Munro, a former Salvation Army worker, speaks about her experience on Nauru on Facebook (the post has been subsequently removed)


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Things they say

Telling quotes from the rich and powerful

Things they say

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Things they say

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