Issue 69 - Jul/Aug

Union activists start budget strike action push

Around 200 unionists have signed an open letter urging Unions NSW to convene a one-day stopwork rally against the Abbott budget. The signatories including delegates from the CFMEU, NTEU, CPSU, the Teachers Federation and a number of PSA central councillors.

Welfare review signals more attacks on disabled and poor

Abbott wasn’t satisfied with the welfare cuts meted out in the Budget. The interim report of the government’s welfare review signals that more cuts and changes to welfare are on the cards.

Five months after Reza’s killing—danger signs on Manus Island

On Manus Island, there are ominous signs that Transfield and the Immigration Department are actively preparing to re-introduce local PNG staff into the detention centre.

Peace in Sri Lanka—another Abbott lie

Tony Abbott has declared Sri Lanka “a society at peace”. But the truth is very different.

Morrison’s refugee bashing is all at sea

As Solidarity goes to press, the whereabouts of 153 Tamil asylum seekers is still unknown—except that they are on a Customs ship in the custody of the Australian government, probably still on the high seas in the Indian Ocean.

Bendigo stands up to Islamophobia

Islamophobes are trying to stir up anti-Muslim hatred in Bendigo, but local anti-racists won’t have it.

Redfern Tent Embassy fights to save The Block

Aboriginal activists in Redfern have scored an initial victory, with plans to begin further bulldozing at The Block held off.

No excuses for job and mail service cuts at Australia Post

Nine hundred jobs are going at Australia Post amid speculation letter delivery services could be reduced to three days a week by the end of the year.

NSW Teachers’ Federation wants to squander the fight

The 2014 Annual Conference of the New South Wales Teachers Federation fell only days before the Unions NSW Bust the Budget rally, and amid a wave of anger against Abbott’s budget.

Ian Thorpe’s battle a window into society’s homophobia

Swimming champion Ian Thorpe’s decision to come out has exposed how ingrained homophobia is in Australia.

Israeli terror aims to strangle Gaza

After slaughtering over 230 Palestinians and leaving another 1300 injured so far in its latest bombing campaign, Israel has now launched a ground invasion of the Gaza strip.

Israeli terror state stirs up violent racism

The reaction to the deaths of three Israeli teenagers has exposed the brutal racism behind Zionism.

Revolution, not ‘peace process’ talks, can free Palestine

Millions of people across the globe are rightly furious at Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza. They want to see an end to the killing.

Indonesia rejects former general, but new president won’t bring change

Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has claimed victory over former general Prabowo Subianto in a closely fought presidential election in Indonesian. However, Jokowi is expected to continue favouring big business and investors at the expense of ordinary people.

South African miners make history, metalworkers hot on their heels

After a five month long strike, South African platinum miners are celebrating a momentous victory.

Abbott and the US approve Egypt’s crackdown

Yet last month the US gave the military regime its seal of approval when Secretary of State John Kerry announced the release of $575 million in US military aid to Egypt.

Inside the rise of Clive Palmer

As the Palmer United Party takes centre stage in the Senate, James Supple and Adam Adelpour look at what’s behind Clive Palmer’s games

Pacific plunder: Australia’s WWI grab for colonies

Tom Orsag looks at Australia’s seizure of German Pacific colonies during WWI and how this motivated Australian involvement in the war

Do revolutions always fail?

The counter-revolution in Egypt, together with the confused outcome of the upheavals in Ukraine, has revived the old argument that real popular power is impossible. John Molyneux explains why this is wrong.

Once again on social media and social movements

David Glanz’s article in Solidarity’s last issue, “Protest 2.0? Social media and the streets” is a useful contribution on the strengths and limitations of social media.

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