Issue 84 - Nov

Dutton’s offshore resettlement crisis: Cambodia, Philippines…Kyrgyzstan?

The latest pitch for a resettlement arrangement with the ex-Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan came after the Philippines firmly rejected any idea that it would be part of a refugee resettlement deal with Australia.

Are amalgamations the answer to union membership woes?

The talk of union amalgamations and the latest statistics on union membership have again raised the question of how to build unions.

Turnbull takes up Royal Commission anti-union agenda

Malcolm Turnbull wants to make industrial relations a “frontline issue” at the next election and will use the findings of Abbott’s Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption to go on a union bashing offensive.

Muslim kids and prisoners the new enemy under Turnbull

So much for Malcolm Turnbull’s fresh approach to dealing with the Muslim community. His government is forging ahead with plans to introduce restrictive control orders for people as young as 14.

Wage growth slumps as workers feel economic pain

As part of trying to soften us up for “the economic leadership our nation needs”, Malcolm Turnbull has been telling us Australia is a “high wage, generous social safety...

War and chaos boost Erdogan back to power in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has secured a majority in Turkey’s re-call election, after refusing to form a coalition government following previous elections in June.

Canada’s Tories toppled by Liberal talk of ‘real change’

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have surged to power in Canada by promising “real change” after almost ten years of Conservative rule. Despite their position as one of Canada’s two big business parties, the Liberals even managed to outflank the New Democratic Party on the left.

A new generation rekindles Palestinian resistance

Palestinians have launched a new wave of resistance in response to decades of dispossession, discrimination and humiliation.

Why climate action means challenging capitalism

Tackling climate change through a rapid transition to renewable energy is perfectly feasible, but corporate interests are determined to frustrate action, writes Erima Dall

Trading our way to disaster on carbon

Labor is again proposing a price on carbon as the centrepiece of its climate policy. The unpopularity of the carbon tax experiment means they now advocate an Emissions Trading...

How Australian workers helped Indonesia end colonial rule

Seventy years on, Lachlan Marshall explains the important role strike action by Australians unions played in assisting Indonesian independence

Capitalism and Aboriginal oppression

Aboriginal dispossession served capitalist interests, argues Paddy Gibson, but Aboriginal people have remained a “problem” from the point of view of Australia’s rulers ever since

Understanding the rise and fall of Syriza

Through all the twists and turns of the last six months, Kevin Ovenden has been a key source of English-language updates on the Syriza government and events taking place in Greece. Now he has produced one of the first detailed accounts of the events that made the radical left’s rise to government possible, and Syriza’s rapid capitulation to EU-imposed austerity.

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