Issue 106 - Sep

Fight for jobs and pay at unis ramps up

The termination of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement at Murdoch University has sent a shock through the university system.

Inside the System

Workers in UK stage first ever McStrike; Poor bear the brunt of Hurricane Harvey; Elite jobs run in the family; Leaks reveal Pine Gap’s role in drone killings; Arms companies exempt from anti-discrimination; Research shows why you can’t live on Newstart

Dutton’s callous cuts for ‘Let Them Stay’ refugees

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s announcement that he was going to cut the income and housing support from around 100 refugees brought to Australia from Manus and Nauru for medical treatment has created outrage.

Despite leadership wobbles, bus drivers still fighting privatisation

Despite an aggressive state Liberal government, and court orders against industrial action, the fight by Sydney’s inner west bus drivers against privatisation is very much alive.

Construction union ends non-compliance with Turnbull’s Building Code

The CFMEU’s defiant stance against signing enterprise agreements that comply with the anti-union “Building Code” came to an abrupt end in August.

US rejects Trump and the far right after murder in Charlottesville

On 12 August a white supremacist ploughed his car into counter-protesters in Charlottesville, killing anti-fascist activist Heather Heyer. This was the shocking end result of the most significant mobilisation of the US far right in recent memory.

Right-wing opposition prepares end game as crisis engulfs Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro is being challenged by an emboldened right-wing opposition as the country spirals into disaster.

Trump’s ‘new’ Afghan strategy more of the same

Donald Trump has announced a “new strategy” for the war in Afghanistan, which after 16 years is America’s longest running war. His strategy is anything but new.

Revolutionary constructivist art one hundred years after 1917

A new exhibition in Melbourne celebrates the constructivist art that emerged out of the Russian Revolution.

Why equality alone won’t bring LGBTI liberation

Winning equal marriage will be a blow against bigotry, but homophobia and transphobia will persist until we get rid of capitalism and the family, write Amy Thomas and James Supple.

Trump, China and the new world disorder

The decline of US power has led to increased imperialist tensions and war, with the rise of Donald Trump a new element of instability, writes James Supple.

Latrobe Valley’s 1977 power strike

Workers in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley showed their clout when they shut down the power, writes Tom Orsag, but the support they needed to win was never mobilised.

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