Issue 127 - Jun

Religious freedom no excuse for Folau’s homophobia

The right has seized upon the sacking of football superstar Israel Folau to further a homophobic campaign in the name of “religious freedoms”.

Players are right to boycott the national anthem

Indigenous players caused a storm by refusing to sing the Australian national anthem during the opening State of Origin rugby league game in Brisbane in early June.

Courtney Herron’s death exposes housing failure for homeless

On 25 May, the body of yet another young woman was found in a Melbourne park. Her name was Courtney Herron. She was only 25, had struggled with addiction issues and she was homeless.

Sudan’s revolution hangs in the balance

Over 100 people have been murdered in a soaring wave of brutal attacks on Sudan’s revolution.

Trump’s war on women and abortion rights

The United States is a dangerous place to be a woman. An onslaught of laws has chipped away at abortion rights since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president two and a half years ago.

Why didn’t workers trust Labor?

Labor was unable to win over working class voters at the election with its promises of change—reflecting long term decline in its class roots and credibility, writes James Supple

Fighting for climate jobs, pay and union rights

New jobs in renewable energy and low emissions industries need to be well-paid and unionised if workers are going to welcome them as an alternative writes Penny Howard

Tiananmen square—30 years since China’s revolt

In 1989 students in Beijing sparked an upheaval that drew in millions of ordinary workers, and spread all across the country, writes Mark Goudkamp

Don’t let Dutton repeal Medevac Bill

Since the election of the Morrison government, Manus Island and Port Moresby have become a pit of despair.

The Liberals are the real thugs, Albanese is doing the bosses’ dirty work—But Setka should stand down

The campaign against John Setka, Victorian branch secretary of the CFMEU, has reached fever pitch. But the domestic violence charges against Setka are a very serious issue.

Teachers stage historic mega-strike in New Zealand to rebuild public education

Aotearoa/New Zealand’s largest ever nationwide education “mega-strike” took place on Wednesday 29 May.

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