Issue 143 - Dec

Lessons from Melbourne’s 112-day lockdown

There is now talk of Melbourne’s lockdown as a model for the rest of the world. But this is the wrong lesson.

Right to protest win as hypocritical ban beaten in NSW

In NSW, groups of 500 protesters can now gather outdoors, in a victory for the right to protest.

Andrews government pushes on with attack on Djap Wurrung

On the day Victoria’s COVID restrictions eased, the Andrews government escalated their attack on the Djap Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy.

Holding the line against Dutton—protest can free the refugees

Throughout the COVID crisis, with determined protests by refugees inside the hotel-prisons, the refugee movement has doggedly fought to free them.

Corbyn suspended as Labour leadership declares war on the left

Former leader Jeremy Corbyn has been kicked out of the British Labour Party’s parliamentary caucus, despite backing down on comments that saw him suspended from the party.

A window into the upsurge for Women’s Liberation

Brazen Hussies shines a light on the Women’s Liberation Movement in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s.

US election—Biden’s narrow win ensures ongoing crisis

Joe Biden may have defeated Trump, but his weak position and centrist politics mean he will be unable to deal with the crises that dominate the US, writes James Supple

Why did 73 million vote for Trump?

Despite losing the election, Trump was able to increase his support base significantly on 2016.

A corporate Democrat in the White House won’t end systemic racism and inequality

Virginia Rodino, a socialist and member of Marx21 in Baltimore, spoke at a forum on the election result organised by Solidarity:

Workers left behind in NSW Liberals’ energy plan—keep fighting for public renewables

The NSW Liberals' renewable energy plan rests on corporate investment and does nothing to secure the jobs of workers in fossil fuel industries.

Bill Ferguson—Unions, Aboriginal rights and the racist protection system

Luke Ottavi continues our series on key Indigenous activists with a look at Bill Ferguson, who fought racist laws in NSW against Aboriginal people to demand equal rights

The revolutionary ideas of Friedrich Engels—200 years on

Adam Adelpour looks at the important contribution Marx's collaborator Friedrich Engels made to the development of Marxist ideas, 200 years on from his birth

Medical Science academics hold afternoon stop work to protest job cuts

Academics in the School of Medical Sciences at Sydney Uni staged an “Afternoon of Action” on Wednesday in protest against forced redundancies in the School.

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