Issue 153 - Oct

University of Sydney concedes gender affirmation leave

The National Tertiary Education Union has won 30 days of paid gender affirmation or transition leave at the University of Sydney, setting an industry-leading standard.

Evergrande crisis shows Chinese growth figures built on sand

The looming potential default of the Chinese property giant Evergrande is sending shivers down the spines of capitalists across the world.

US marches against Texas abortion ban

Hundreds of reproductive rights rallies took place across the US, one month after Texas’s near-total ban on abortions went into effect.

AUKUS and ‘national sovereignty’: Why Australia’s rulers back the US

Ruby Wawn argues that the Australian government is not surrendering sovereignty to the US through the nuclear subs pact but pursuing its own imperialist interests.

Why the right hates Critical Race Theory

Tom Fiebig looks at the culture wars around Critical Race Theory and argues that understanding the systemic basis of racism is vital if we are to fight it.

Why COP26 won’t solve the climate crisis

Martin Empson explains what COP26 is and why global summits have a history of failure to take the action on climate change that’s needed, in an extract from his new pamphlet The Great Climate COP Out

Strike shuts down Sydney trains as workers fight for jobs and safety

Workers on Sydney’s train system took a four hour strike yesterday morning, bringing the rail system to a complete halt.

‘Don’t scab, get the jab’—a slogan no unionist should use

Unions have rightly been encouraging members to get vaccinated. But the idea that people unsure about getting a jab are all “anti-union” or “scabs” is wrong.

Vilifying CFMEU protesters will only build the right

The leadership of the Victorian CFMEU and the ACTU, along with most of the left, have condemned the protesters at the Victorian CFMEU office last week as everything from “drunken morons” to “right-wing extremists” and “neo-Nazis”.

Australia’s refugee cruelty exposed by one man’s daring escape

Escape from Manus, by Jaivet Ealom, is an incredible story of determination, cunning and sheer luck that tears apart the Coalition’s lies about refugees. It is a book you can’t put down—sharp and clear on the politics of Australia’s refugee cruelty.

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