Issue 159 - May

After 15 years of racism—chance to tear out the NT Intervention by the roots

This June marks 15 years since the Howard government began the NT Intervention, mobilising the army and introducing a wide swathe of racist, draconian controls over Aboriginal people and their lands.

Racist neglect caused Indigenous woman’s death in Melbourne prison

An inquest into the death in custody of Indigenous woman Veronica Nelson has revealed criminal negligence and racism in Victoria’s prisons.

Sri Lanka protests show alternative to poverty and racism amid economic collapse

Sri Lanka has been rocked by weeks of mass demonstrations and a general strike, following its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948.

Wave of anger as US Supreme Court to overturn right to abortion

The United States Supreme Court is set to wind back the clock after a leaked document revealed it plans to overturn the historic Roe v Wade ruling.

US and NATO push for drawn-out proxy war in Ukraine

The US and NATO are waging an increasingly open, long-term proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Red lines and imperialist rivalries—Australia is no friend of the Pacific

The Australian government’s record in the south Pacific shows it is a bully and a thief that wants to maintain its own domination of the region argues James Supple

Lessons from the last Labor government

The last Labor government was ultimately destroyed by its determination to defend the interests of big business and manage capitalism, writes Mark Gillespie

Can we ever get rid of sexism?

Sexism is a product of structures and institutions that benefit the rich and powerful, writes Jordi Pardoel, and to get rid of sexism we have to get rid of capitalism

Morrison and the Liberals humiliated but no enthusiasm for Labor’s small target

Scott Morrison and the Liberals have been humiliated in an election result that has left the party in disarray.

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