Editorial: Morrison’s failure to stop the virus the result of a sick system

The coronavirus pandemic could see 150,000 people in Australia die in a “worst case scenario” if it spreads unchecked.

Morrison spends big to bail out business not protect workers

The coronavirus pandemic means the world is facing a major recession. Morrison has announced $189 billion in economic measures—but his focus is overwhelmingly on bailouts for business, not workers.

It’s Morrison to blame for spreading the virus

Morrison and the national cabinet have announced what he called “stage one restrictions” closing cafés, restaurants, pubs, churches and cinemas.

Morrison fails on coronavirus: expand testing, medical services and sick pay now

The spread of the coronavirus has created a global health crisis and precipitated a global economic crisis. Australia’s economy was already stalling and is now almost certainly in recession.

Morrison’s coronavirus travel ban fuels anti-Chinese racism

Following Donald Trump, Scott Morrison’s travel ban on everyone from China who is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident has fuelled the racist response here.

Smug Scomo left Australia to burn—step up the demands to fund renewables and action on climate

Scott Morrison has been badly damaged by his response to the bushfire crisis, after weeks of refusing to act.

Editorial: Morrison channels Trump as Liberals’ right-wing agenda exposed

Scott Morrison didn’t just visit Donald Trump on his trip to the US—he started channelling him.

Editorial: Labor moves right—but struggle can stop Morrison

Scott Morrison may have won the election. But his government has a very thin majority—and plenty of problems ahead.

Editorial: Election shock—but Morrison can be fought

The election result has shocked everyone—from the pollsters to the pundits, Labor and even Scott Morrison himself.

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