Things they say

They told me they would be there until capitalism ended, well, that is going to be a very long time away.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, after a conversation with Occupy Sydney, keeps his hopes up about the system

What a magnificent job by Victoria Police. From the outset the police planning and attention to detail was outstanding.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle  applauds the violent precision of the police at Occupy Melbourne

Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if you don’t have a job, if you’re not rich, blame yourself.

US Republican and multimillionare Herman Cain tries to deflect attention

When you talk about a jet-set life, it means I spend a lot of time in jets, which is true.

Ex-British PM Tony Blair does it hard

I would expect British companies, even British sales directors, [to be] packing their suitcases and looking to get out to Libya.

New UK defence secretary Philip Hammond sees opportunities for business in a post-Gaddafi Libya

I have been called a liar, I’m shoddy, I’m slipshod, I’m terrible, I’m nasty and I’m a racist.

Andrew Bolt provides a helpful list of his crimes

They hushed when she arrived, bathed in the pleasure that always seems to radiate from the Queen, no matter how trying her duties.

The Daily Telegraph’s thinks sponging of British taxpayers and holding up Melbourne is a tough job


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Things they say

Telling quotes from the rich and powerful

Things they say

We do have real threats, we do have real enemies. Some of them are internal and they have to be monitored.Tony Abbott reveals a...

Things they say

My excuse? I was a bit zoned out. Bad luck, every gun is loaded, every mic is on.Collingwood President Eddie McGuire on why he...