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Marx’s Capital—inside a system based on exploitation

James Supple continues our series on Marxist classics by introducing Capital, Karl Marx’s masterwork examining the workings of the capitalist system

Cancel culture: How the right defends the indefensible

The powerful who say they stand for ‘free speech’ are trying to snuff out resistance to oppression, writes David Glanz.

Don’t cheersquad for lockdown—governments and the health failure over COVID-19

We should not promote lockdowns as a response to COVID-19. If governments had taken adequate health measures, they would not be necessary

Climate disasters—how governments and the rich leave workers and the poor to die

The bushfire crisis has shown the desperate need for disaster assistance in the face of climate change. But the official response can highlight the class divide writes Ruby Wawn

Why didn’t workers trust Labor?

Labor was unable to win over working class voters at the election with its promises of change—reflecting long term decline in its class roots and credibility, writes James Supple

Capitalism vs the climate: Why we need system change

The action needed to avert climate catastrophe means fighting the logic of capitalism and profit, argues James Supple

The rise of China—a dilemma for Australia’s rulers

China’s rise poses a dilemma for Australia’s rulers, writes David Glanz. The left needs to oppose both imperialist powers, as well as Australia’s own imperialist bullying

#MeToo exposes systemic problem of sexual assault

#MeToo shows how pervasive sexual harassment and abuse are in the lives of all women. The Weinstein case is just the tip of the iceberg in an industry where wealthy sexual predators operate with impunity.

The art of struggle: Lessons from the fight to save SCA

The SCA campaign became one of the most significant fronts nationally in the fight against the tide of neoliberalism over the past year. We are sharing our experiences so that students everywhere can see that it is possible to fight back and sharing the strategy and tactics that made possible one of the longest student occupations in Australian university history.

How governments treat Muslims as the enemy within

The obsession with radicalisation and the programs to supposedly combat extremism treat wide swathes of the Muslim community as suspect, writes James Supple

Aboriginal ‘recognition’—a cover for Abbott’s assimilation

Constitutional recognition is a farce designed to divert attention from the decimation of Aboriginal life through funding cuts and the closure of communities, argues Paddy Gibson

Islamic State: who are they and where do they come from?

The emergence of the group Islamic state is a product of Western intervention and imperialist power games in the Middle East, writes James Supple

The myth of conservative Australia

Many think the right-wing policies of the Coalition and Labor represent the conservatism of Australians. Eliot Hoving shows that this is not the case Greens Leader Christine Milne told The...

Send in the clowns: the politics of Bob Katter and Clive Palmer

David Glanz looks at what’s behind the rise of maverick Bob Katter’s Australia party, and mining billionaire Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party On 13 May, the ABC’s Q&A program saw...

Sign-on statement: welcome 457 visa holders into the unions

Gina Rinehart's Enterprise Migration Agreement (EMA) for her Roy Hill project has sparked debate over the issue of "Aussie jobs" and 457 visas. This statement of union activists, anti-racists...

“Socialism in our time”: The story of Jack Lang, NSW Labor and the Great Depression

In our third installment of our Labor history series, Jean Parker finds some rich lessons in the incredible story of the New South Wales Labor Party’s "socialisation units" and...

Four years of Labor: what went wrong?

The smell of death is hanging over Labor. Mark Gillespie looks at how they got themselves into such a mess Federally Labor’s popularity has slumped to record lows. At the...

The Greens: between parliament and principles

Amy Thomas analyses the The Greens’ role in left politics since the federal election The only bright side to the federal election one year ago was the breakthrough of The...

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