Issue 130 - Sept

Why 100 per cent renewable energy requires public ownership

Penny Howard argues that public spending and ownership are the only way to ensure a rapid transition to 100 per cent renewable energy—and to protect workers’ jobs

Berejiklian pandering to anti-choice bigots on abortion bill

In an effort to appease the bigots in her party, Premier Gladys Berejiklian delayed the vote on the abortion bill and is considering amendments.

Don’t side with xenophobia about threat from China

Recent weeks have seen a growing campaign against “Chinese influence” in Australia, mainly from right-wing figures in the Liberal Party.

Indigenous families fight deaths in custody and police failures

On 21 August hundreds protested in Sydney in an outpouring of support for Indigenous families in NSW who have lost relatives in police custody, or in suspicious circumstances where police failed to investigate.

Liberals announce new rights to religious bigotry

The Liberals’ new religious discrimination bill is designed to undermine the victory for marriage equality and promote the right to spread bigotry.

Tory crisis as Boris threatens Brexit crash out

Boris Johnson’s determination to exit the EU on 31 October, deal or no deal, has created an enormous political crisis in the UK.

Concession will not stop movement in Hong Kong

A mass pro-democracy movement has forced Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam to grant a major concession. But many protesters are vowing to continue their struggle until all of their demands are met.

West Papua rises up against Indonesian occupation

West Papua has erupted as demands for self-determination have fuelled the largest protests in years.

Australia backs Trump’s aggression over Iran

Scott Morrison has added Australia to what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls a “global coalition” against Iran.

A dream betrayed by racism and exclusion

The Australian Dream is a powerful documentary on racism in Australia, but it misses an opportunity to also expose the racist nature of Australian nationalism.

Climate rebellion, civil disobedience and system change

Civil disobedience can strengthen the campaign for climate action, but on its own it lacks the power to bring fundamental change, writes James Supple

The Black Jacobins—Haiti’s slave revolution

David Glanz tells the story of the slave revolution in Haiti that defeated the combined might of European imperialism to win its freedom

Not ended, relocated: Manus detention transferred to Port Moresby

In the last few weeks, all but five of the people detained on Manus have been transferred to Port Moresby. But the relocation does not signal the end of offshore detention in PNG, and the refugees are no closer to freedom.

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