Issue 141 - Oct

Anger hits the streets after another Black death in custody

Aunty Sherry is the fifth Indigenous person to die in custody since June, a situation the national Aboriginal Legal Services’ peak body has branded a “national emergency”.

Pay cut for nurses on NSW’s COVID frontline ‘a real slap in the face’

Damien Davis-Frank talked to Solidarity about working in the medical system during the pandemic and what NSW nurses think about losing their 2.5 per cent pay rise this year.

Refugees need permanent protection not fruit picking

Requiring refugees to work in rural areas before granting residency only helps to legitimise the government’s anti-refugee policies

Race for a vaccine fuels imperialist power play

Across the globe a race is on to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, with the major powers scrambling to ensure supply to get their economies back on track.

Morrison’s belligerence behind escalating Cold War with China

Tensions with China are the result of the Australian government’s enthusiastic backing for the US’s Cold War.

End of Trump won’t fix unravelling of America

Trump has fed the polarisation of US society, but neither he nor Joe Biden have a solution to the multiple crises facing America, writes David Glanz

The 1930s New Deal—lessons for today

Calls for a Green New Deal have become more urgent with the pandemic-induced recession. But class struggle was key to forcing Roosevelt’s New Deal, writes Lachlan Marshall

Second World War was no defence of democracy

The Second World War, which ended 75 years ago, saw the rulers of the Allies fighting for empire and world domination, not democracy or anti-fascism, writes James Supple

Protester facing jail under COVID rules after police attack anti-cuts protest at Sydney Uni

Students and staff protested against plans for massive jobs cuts at the University of Sydney on Wednesday—only to again face a draconian and hypocritical police operation to disrupt and disperse them.

Melbourne needs more support for workers and the health system, not authoritarian controls

Melbourne faces months more of authoritarian lockdown measures, following Daniel Andrews' announcement yesterday

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