Issue 155 - Jan

Spirit of revolt rocks Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s dictatorial leader, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has re-asserted his control over the country with the aid of Russian troops at the cost of 227 lives.

Australian troops no solution in the Solomons

Australia’s efforts in the Solomons are aimed at preventing rival powers from establishing a presence and to advance Australian imperialist interests.

Climate action and the election—Backing Liberal-lite independents not the answer

Independents are campaigning in a series of Liberal heartland seats targeting Morrison’s failure on climate change. Caitlin Doyle explains why they’re not the answer we need

Wool wars—when shearers’ unions took on state brutality

The 1891 Great Shearers’ Strike in Queensland was one of the defining industrial battles in Australian history. Adam Adelpour draws the lessons

Fifty years on—Aboriginal Tent Embassy showed ‘we will fight for what is ours’

The establishment of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Invasion Day in 1972 was one of the high points of the Aboriginal rights movement. It showed how protest could put Aboriginal rights on the agenda and win real changes.

‘This is the biggest BDS action held in this country’: Sydney festival boycott organiser

More than 100 artists and companies have withdrawn from the Sydney Festival in opposition to its “artwashing” of Israeli war crimes. Solidarity spoke to Fahad Ali, one of the organisers of the boycott campaign.

‘Voice to Parliament’ farce continues as Aboriginal oppression grinds on

Proposals from both the Coalition and Labor are a weak shadow of the historic demands for self-determination and sovereignty advanced by the Aboriginal rights movement over generations.

Morrison’s failures trash COVID safety for essential workers

Scott Morrison is forcing workers into unsafe conditions and fuelling the spread of COVID through new rules designed to protect business profits.

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