US bombing no solution in Syria

Donald Trump’s strike on the Shayrat airbase in Syria demonstrated his willingness to flaunt the US’s military power. It will do nothing to end the brutal war in Syria. More US bombing can only feed the conflict and increase civilian deaths.

Syria: the defeat of a popular revolution

While the most powerful forces in Syria are now the ruthless dictatorship and reactionary armed groups, the echo of the popular revolution is still visible, writes James Supple

Imperialist powers feed Syria’s war

Russia and the Assad regime are continuing their horrific campaign of carpet bombing against Aleppo.

More bombing won’t end the war in Syria

Hundreds have died in recent weeks as Russia and Syria have unleashed a horrific wave of bombing on rebel held areas of Aleppo.

The horrible history of the Assad regime

Lachlan Marshall explains the Syrian regime’s history of deals with imperialism and attacks on its own working class in order to boost its own wealth and power

Protests rise from ashes amid Syria truce

Syrians in opposition-held territories marked the fifth anniversary of the revolution with protests in over 100 locations, declaring “the revolution continues.”

More bombing of Syria won’t ‘destroy’ Islamic State

French President Francois Hollande called the attacks in Paris an “act of war”. Within days, France responded by bombing Raqqa, the so-called capital of Islamic State in Syria. There will be more to follow, with France moving its only aircraft carrier, which Hollande boasted would “triple our capacity to take action”, to the region.

Russia forces the West to embrace Syria’s dictator Assad

Russia’s intervention to shore up the Assad regime and begin bombing in Syria has decisively turned the tables on the US and its regional allies.

Mass protests in Lebanon and Iraq show hope for Middle East

The Arab Spring, four years ago a source of inspiration and hope across the Middle East, has given way to a wave of counter revolution, sectarianism and war. But in recent months, new upsurges in struggle have taken place in Iraq and Lebanon—two of the countries most wracked by sectarianism.

No choice for Syrians but to risk dangerous voyage

Syrian refugees face hellish conditions in neighbouring countries, and aid money is running out, forcing larger numbers to use people smugglers to escape writes Solidarity

Abbott’s bombs will make Syria’s crisis worse

Tony Abbott is cynically trying to use the Syrian refugee crisis as his excuse for extending Australian airstrikes into Syria.

More blood won’t solve the Middle East crisis

Former Australian army officer David Kilcullen has become a widely cited establishment expert on counter-terrorism. A hired gun for western imperialism, Kilcullen likes to present himself as the thinking person’s warmonger.

Syria between both Assad’s and IS’s counter-revolution

What began in Syria in March 2011 as peaceful pro-democracy protests inspired by the Arab Spring’s demands for democracy and social justice has become a nightmarish military quagmire.

Islamic State: who are they and where do they come from?

The emergence of the group Islamic state is a product of Western intervention and imperialist power games in the Middle East, writes James Supple

New war on Iraq no humanitarian mission

The US has stepped up its bombing in Iraq after President Obama announced plans to “degrade and destroy” the jihadist group the Islamic State (IS).

Syrian dictator Assad is no anti-imperialist

The Syrian regime has postured as part of an “anti-imperialist” alliance with Iran and Hezbollah and is seen as a supporter of the Palestinians.But it has never consistently opposed...

Syria’s armed revolt is product of popular uprising

The Assad regime is using tanks, jet fighters and helicopter gunships to re-establish control in Damascus and Aleppo. Though severely out gunned, the opposition continues to hang on.This violence...

Facing down the regime’s crackdown in Syria

The wave of Arab revolutions appears to have stalled in Syria in the face of a massive crackdown by the regime.Opposition to the regime is united in its...

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