Issue 135 - Mar

Big pharma’s thirst for profit has held back vaccine research

One reason for the vaccine delay is that the big pharmaceutical companies have been disinterested in developing virus treatments, fearing they won’t be profitable.

Big powers put imperialist rivalries before human lives

Instead of co-operating in the face of humanitarian crisis, Donald Trump and other world leaders are using the coronavirus outbreak to advance their own power and imperialist interests.

No just transition for Holden workers after failure to fight for jobs

The final end of the car-maker General Motors Holden came in February. But there was never a serious fight for the one thing that could have saved the jobs—nationalisation.

Afghanistan invasion is the war crime

The allegations of Australian SAS soldiers committing war crimes in Afghanistan have been around for years. But the Four Corners footage showing an Australian soldier executing Dad Mohammad, an unarmed father, leaves no doubt.

Democratic Party unites to crush Bernie Sanders

The Democratic Party is now all but certain to run establishment figure Joe Biden in the election against Donald Trump in November.

New refugee exodus from Syria as Turkey opens borders

A new refugee crisis in Syria has seen up to a million people trapped along the Turkish border in desperate conditions. Overcrowded camps there and in Greece face major risks from the spread of coronavirus.

‘Never again’—understanding the horror of the Holocaust

On the 75th anniversay of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, David Glanz looks at the causes of the Holocaust and how it emerged from Hitler’s fascist ideology

Socialism and transgender liberation

Pan Karanikolas reviews a new book on transgender oppression that argues winning the working class to the fight against oppression is the key to dismantling it

Detention is a coronavirus danger—free the refugees now

As the coronavirus spreads, calls are growing louder to free immigration detainees from the detention centres and hotels.

Morrison spends big to bail out business not protect workers

The coronavirus pandemic means the world is facing a major recession. Morrison has announced $189 billion in economic measures—but his focus is overwhelmingly on bailouts for business, not workers.

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