Issue 140 - Sep

National assembly of university workers discusses strikes against cuts

An unprecedented national assembly of university workers has condemned the job cuts and funding cuts to the university sector and resolved to mobilise against them, including going on strike.

Campaigns that showed how to stop cuts on campus

Lessons from the fight against job cuts at Sydney University in 2012 and the campaign to Save Sydney College of the Arts in 2016

Close Kangaroo Point: refugee protest defies ban

Around 400 protesters defied the strenuous efforts of Queensland’s Labor government to ban a pro-refugee demonstration outside the Kangaroo Point hotel, which is holding around 105 refugees transferred from Manus and Nauru for medical treatment.

Morrison backs gas expansion in show of contempt for climate

Scott Morrison is doubling down on fossil fuels in the face of climate disaster, backing more gas mining as a path out the COVID-19 crisis.

Hand-picked corporate advisers shaping COVID recovery

Scott Morrison has appointed an unelected and secretive group of fossil fuel bosses to advise the government on how to ensure any economic recovery from the pandemic will prioritise profits.

Explosion triggers new uprising in Lebanon

“We have been fighting the system for a long time, now our anger has overflowed, it has gone beyond everything normal because the explosion at the harbour means we have to change everything.

Fighting the second wave—can COVID be kept under control?

Many countries worldwide are facing either a second wave, or a resurgence in infections. Even countries that managed to control the virus initially, such as South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam, have seen new outbreaks.

US-China rivalry creating a dangerous world

Phil Griffiths looks at the escalating imperialist tensions between the US and China

Hiroshima—nuclear attack launched to demonstrate US power

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago was not necessary to end the Second World War, it was designed to establish US control of the world, writes Matilda Fay

Start the fightback to save jobs at unis as Morrison imposes massive cuts

Scott Morrison is determined to wind back government support for workers and the economy, even as COVID-19 outbreaks continue, while companies cut jobs and unemployment climbs.

Walkouts demand safe workplaces amid Melbourne’s COVID surge

Workers have been forced to take safety into their own hands at a series of workplaces across Melbourne, after their employers refused to take COVID-19 infections on site seriously.

Woolies workers win big on permanency and pay, but more to be gained

After almost two weeks outside the gates, members of the United Workers Union at Woolies' Wyong distribution centre in NSW have won big pay rises and an increase in permanent jobs.

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