Issue 144 - Jan

Calls for Sydney lockdown ring hollow as outbreak contained

The COVID-19 cluster on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (which spread to Melbourne) and the “leak” of the virus from a Brisbane quarantine hotel is a reminder that the pandemic continues to be a very real threat.

As Morrison backs fossil fuels, is the world finally acting on climate?

Scott Morrison’s pathetic failure to act on climate change has left him increasingly isolated globally.

Vaccine hoarding and profiteering compromise rollout

The development of working COVID-19 vaccines within just ten months shows medical research can achieve when there is significant state investment and scientific focus. Previous vaccines have taken ten years on average to develop.

Australian war crimes show bloody reality of Afghan war

The barbarity of Australia’s role in Afghanistan was laid bare late last year, with the release of the Brereton report into war crimes by Australia’s much-vaunted elite SAS regiment.

Trump’s Capitol riot shows dangerous rise of the far right

The invasion of the US Capitol building showed the dangers of the movement that Donald Trump has created. But rallying around the Democrats or Congress as the defenders of democracy will do nothing to stop the rise of the far right.

Fascism is more than a racist movement

More than simply hard right or viciously racist, we must grasp that fascism has specific characteristics, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Chicka Dixon—Unionist and mentor to a generation of Aboriginal radicals

Tom Orsag examines the life of Aboriginal activist Chicka Dixon, a wharfie, unionist, and bridge between the activists of the 1930s generation and the 1970s radicals

The Egyptian Revolution—18 days that shook the world

A revolution in Egypt in 2011 overthrew a brutal dictator and gave a glimpse of how society could be run differently. Egyptian revolutionary Hossam el-Hamalawy tells the story

Invasion day protests are right to challenge COVID anti-protest rules

Mass protests planned for Invasion Day on 26 January are shaping up to be a more serious confrontation with anti-protest COVID-19 regulations.

Morrison’s laws deliver wage cuts to fuel COVID recovery for business

Scott Morrison and the Liberals are determined to use the COVID crisis to benefit business and strip away workers’ rights.

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