Issue 146 - Mar

Nathan Reynolds’ inquest shows still no justice for Black deaths in custody

On 10 March, the findings of a coronial inquest into the death of Nathan Reynolds were handed down in the Lidcombe Coroner’s Court.

Labor conference to cull policies and confirm move to the right

Anthony Albanese is dumping many of the policies Labor took to the last election, moving to the right and adopting a small target strategy.

Royal Commission: Funding cuts, lack of staff cause aged care horrors

The recently released findings of the three-year Royal Commission into Aged Care show that the sector is permeated by a severe level of neglect and suffers from chronic shortages of funding.

Workers can block coup in Myanmar

The struggle against the 1 February military coup in Myanmar is entering a crucial stage.

How the FBI murdered the ‘Black messiah’—revolutionary Fred Hampton

This new film narrates Black Panther Fred Hampton's attempts to build a multiracial working class revolutionary movement in the US, as well as how the FBI spied brutally assassinated him.

Sexist Liberals run a sexist system

The recent rape scandals highlight the need to smash a system that reduces women to sex objects and unpaid carers, writes Ruby Wawn

The Paris Commune 150 years on—when workers stormed heaven

Peter Robinson explains the achievements of the Paris Commune of 1871 and its vital lessons about what a workers’ government would look like

Medevac refugees stuck in detention Catch-22—free them all

Even as the hotel-detention of Medevac refugees seems to be ending, the government is waging a bitter battle to keep the legal facade of offshore detention intact.

Teaching consent won’t counter the sexism all around us

Consent lessons cannot solve rape. The degradation, humiliation and objectification of women in our society have deep roots.

Labor wins big in WA election but bosses can breathe easy

Labor has won the West Australian election in a landslide, on course to take 52 of the state’s 59 lower house seats. But its policies are no threat to business's priorities.

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