Issue 162 - August

Biloela family gets visas but Labor still leaving thousands of refugees in limbo

Labor will pay dearly if the visas for the Biloela family is a one-off attempt to grab some positive media and earn some brownie points from the refugee movement.

Taiwan visit goads China in US imperialist power play

Nancy Pelosi’s provocative visit to Taiwan in August has signalled a dangerous new phase in the rivalry between the US and China.

Ecuador rises up against austerity amid cost of living crisis

Indigenous protests in Ecuador have won major concessions after a general strike that brought the capital Quito and the port city of Guayaquil to a standstill for 18 days in June.

Capitalism and the climate crisis—Why it’s socialism or extinction

A new book explains why it will take a revolution to force the action needed to halt the climate crisis—and how we can win one, explains Maeve Larkins

Lifting the lid on wage theft and exploitation

Ben Schneiders is a Walkley award winning investigative journalist at The Age. He spoke to Solidarity about his new book Hard Labour: wage theft in the age of inequality, out in October.

The 1970s and the fight for abortion rights in Australia

Abortion became a political battleground in the 1970s, as social attitudes, court decisions and the Women’s Liberation Movement forced dramatic changes writes Judy McVey

Indigenous Voice a hollow advisory body, Labor confirms

Anthony Albanese has outlined Labor’s proposed constitutional reform to enshrine an Indigenous “Voice to Parliament”. The details confirm that the planned referendum will offer no constitutional rights to Indigenous people and ensure the Voice has no enshrined powers.

We pay, they profit: Labor’s Jobs Summit farce

Labor's Jobs Summit is a consensus politics trap the unions need to avoid.

Sydney Uni shut down again in fourth strike day

Staff at the University of Sydney have taken their fourth day of strike action since May this year against an aggressive and hostile university management.

Community protests keep Redfern’s National Centre for Indigenous Excellence open for now

A week of protests has won a reprieve for Redfern’s National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, after plans to shut the centre were announced suddenly last week.

Anti-union ABCC defunded, but unions still need to fight for the right to strike

One surprise since Labor's election win in May is its immediate move to almost totally defund the anti-union ABCC.

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