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Melbourne Uni no vote on cuts to pay and conditions boosts fights elsewhere

NTEU members at the University of Melbourne have dealt a decisive blow to management, voting No to a non-union ballot to vary the existing enterprise agreement.

Refugee supporters blockade Kangaroo Point Hotel

After weeks of protests inside and outside the hotel-prisons and detention centres, the Kangaroo Point hotel in Brisbane has emerged as the immediate focal point for the campaign to free the refugees in Australia.

COVID-19 crisis shows childcare should be a public service

The COVID-19 crisis initially threatened the sector with collapse. Government funding for free childcare will end on 12 July, with the sector due to “snap back” to the previous arrangements.

Conspiracy theories don’t explain society’s problems

Recent anti-lockdown protests have given voice to a range of conspiracy theories—the belief that secret networks of powerful individuals rule the world.

Defund the police—until we can abolish them completely

The demand to defund the police has resonated with the multi-ethnic Black Lives Matter demonstrations in hundreds of US cities.

United States—a history of revolts against racism

Alongside a terrible history of vicious racism in the US, there is a tradition of militant anti-racism. Yuri Prasad looks back at when black and white people have fought back together against the system

Sydney Uni students and staff start the fight against cuts and fee increases

Students and staff at Sydney Uni are leading the way in the fightback against cuts on campus. With the Liberals announcing new plans to increase student fees, we need to escalate the fight to defend our education.

Eyewitness from LA: Burning rage engulfs the US in rebellion against racism

The combination of the public health crisis, with the pandemic killing people of colour at the highest rates, the economic misery many face due to lockdowns, and Trump’s catastrophic leadership have created a tinderbox which Floyd’s execution set aflame.

Rebellion against racist cops and a racist system sweeps the US

Night after night of mass protests and riots have swept the US following the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

‘The video of George Floyd took me back to when I saw my uncle’s death’

Paul Silva, whose uncle David Dungay Jr died in custody in disturbingly similar circumstances to George Floyd in Minneapolis, sends a message of solidarity to the uprising in the US.

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