Issue 150 - July

Prison killed Wayne Fella Morrison, now prison guards derail inquiry

A coronial inquest has revealed a string of efforts by prison guards to obstruct investigations into the death of Wayne Fella Morrison.

Economic recovery for some, millions still struggling

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg boasts that “Australia is leading the global economic recovery” and that living standards have risen by a “remarkable” 5.8 per cent over the past year.

High school students march against sexism in Adelaide

The Youth March Against Sexual Violence on Kaurna land (Adelaide) on 24 June saw a spirited crowd of up to 1000 take to city streets.

Cubans are right to protest, but US sanctions must end

Thousands of people have joined protests in Cuba over increasing prices of food, power shortages and rising cases of COVID.

Major oil workers’ strike shakes Iran

Thousands of workers in Iran’s oil industry have joined a strike wave. The action has spread across at least 70 companies across oil and gas refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants in eight provinces across the country.

Australia and US brought 20 years of horror and war to Afghanistan

After a 20 year occupation spanning four US presidencies, Australian and US forces are finally withdrawing from Afghanistan. But there is little to show for 20 years of war.

War crimes—why Australian troops bring terror

The ongoing reports of Australian war crimes in Afghanistan are the latest in a long history of terror. Sophie Cotton explores why Australian troops carry out these atrocities

Marx’s Capital—inside a system based on exploitation

James Supple continues our series on Marxist classics by introducing Capital, Karl Marx’s masterwork examining the workings of the capitalist system

Queensland to invest $2 billion in renewables—but not in publicly-owned power

In June Queensland’s Labor Government announced a renewable energy and hydrogen jobs fund with up to $2 billion for government investments. But while welcome, the funding boost doesn’t mandate government ownership of renewable energy projects.

Cops swarm Western Sydney as migrant communities scapegoated for virus’ spread

A major police operation is underway in south-west Sydney, as the NSW government looks to scapegoat and punish workers and migrant communities for the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Nurses and paramedics force NSW Liberals to lift workers’ pay

Stoppages and strike action by paramedics, nurses and teachers forced the NSW Liberals to back down on their proposed public sector pay freeze in last week’s budget.

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