Issue 156 - Feb

Companies using EBA termination to get their way

Several major employers have rushed to the Fair Work Commission in an effort to terminate workplace Enterprise Agreements (EBA), no doubt mindful of the looming federal election.

Afghan refugees demand permanent visas

More than 3000 Afghan refugees from across the country converged on Parliament House in Canberra on 8 February to press their demands for permanent visas and demand an immediate humanitarian intake of at least 20,000 from Afghanistan.

Morrison’s push for bigotry bill backfires

Scott Morrison has been humiliated after five Liberals crossed the floor in parliament to vote against him over amendments to the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Aged care deaths product of Morrison’s criminal boosters and funding failures

Amid the wider chaos over the Omicron wave of the virus, the government failure in aged care stands out as particularly deadly. There have been criminal delays delivering booster shots to some of the country’s most vulnerable people.

Austrian socialists: ‘We are against compulsory vaccination’

Austrian socialists Manfred Ecker and David Reisinger from Linkswende Jetzt spoke to Solidarity about vaccination measures and COVID protests there led by the right

Capitalism’s war against nature

Sarah Thorne talked to Jeff Sparrow about his new book Crimes against nature: Capitalism and global heating, an indictment of capitalism’s role in the climate crisis

A history of anti-nuclear resistance from mining to missiles

Opposition to the nuclear industry in Australia has managed to hold back its expansion—including through union action to ban uranium, explains Joshua Look

Why you should be a socialist

Maeve Larkins explains why socialism is the solution to the interlocking crises that dominate our world

As desperate Morrison falters—fight to finish him off

Scott Morrison is on the ropes. Opinion polls are running hard against the federal Liberals. The results in the NSW February by-elections also indicate that the anti-Liberal sentiment runs deep.

Imperialist rivalry raises risk of war in Ukraine

The military escalation is being fuelled by imperialism as the big capitalist powers fight for control over central and eastern Europe.

Vote NO to the proposed Victorian Government Schools Agreement

Essential workers can win better wages AND conditions, write Solidarity members of the AEU.

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