Issue 164 - Oct

Don’t wind down NSW public sector fight into a campaign for Labor

The NSW public sector union campaign has stalled, after the teachers’ union called off a strike day in October and the rail union delayed further industrial action following legal threats.

NSW Labor’s promises on nurse ratios fall short

NSW Labor leader Chris Minns has announced plans for new safe staffing levels in hospitals if he wins next year’s state election.

Kumanjayi inquest reveals foul police racism

Evidence submitted to the ongoing coronial inquest into Kumanjayi’s death is revealing the systemic racism of the NT police.

Lessons from the fight to save the Franklin

Franklin is a beautiful film about the seven-year campaign to save Tasmania’s World Heritage-listed Franklin River from the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

Strike surge in Britain as cuts and cost of living bite

The soaring cost of living in Britain has triggered a significant wave of strikes, alongside bitter resistance to a Tory government that is in disarray.

Fascists and the far right win elections in Italy and Sweden

Last month Italy elected a fascist prime minister, just weeks after a far right party received a fifth of the total vote in Sweden’s election.

Iran’s revolt and the lessons of the 1979 revolution

Today, as workers join the struggles on the streets in Iran, there is inspiration to be gained and lessons learned from the events of 1979.

Weapons of death—Australia’s growing arms industry

Australia is pushing to develop a much bigger local military manufacturing and arms industry as part of its effort to confront China writes Feiyi Zhang.

Mussolini and the rise of fascism in Italy

Italy was the first country where fascism came to power. Cooper Forsyth looks at what fascist rule meant and the lessons for stopping the far right today

More torture as Labor threatens Medevac refugees brought from offshore detention

Late last month, refugees brought to Australia from PNG and Nauru received a threatening letter from the government telling them they had to leave the country.

War in Ukraine risks spiralling out of control

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has moved to escalate the war in Ukraine after a series of battlefield defeats that have seen Ukraine take back significant territory.

Queensland backs publicly-owned renewables and job guarantees for workers

The Queensland government has announced plans to boost public investment in renewable energy, as well as a job security guarantee for workers affected by coal power station closures.

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