Issue 152 - Sep

Will Clive Palmer’s millions buy another Liberal victory?

Millions around the country have been spammed in recent weeks by Craig Kelly, newly installed leader of the United Australia Party, the UAP.

Delivery drivers strike for job security at Toll and StarTrack

StarTrack workers are set to strike for 24 hours this Thursday. This follows a strike of over 7000 truck drivers at Toll in late August.

More protests needed to open the border to Afghan refugees, end temporary visas

A month since the fall of Kabul, the Morrison government still shows no sign of responding to the demands to grant permanent visas to Afghan refugees already in Australia on temporary protection visas.

Thousands march against Palestinian Authority in West Bank

Thousands of Palestinians have joined marches against the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank, after it launched a wave of arrests against protesters and activists.

1971 accident pay strike showed how to fight for safety

The right to accident pay, or workers’ compensation, was only won after a major strike in 1971 that united unions across the construction industry, explains Tom Orsag

Why ending war means ending capitalism

Adam Adelpour continues our series on Marxist classics, looking at how Bukharin's Imperialism and World Economy explains a system of global rivalry and war

Racism and neglect drives COVID outbreak in Wilcannia

Paddy Gibson from Solidarity spoke with Monica Kerwin, a Barkindji woman and community spokesperson, and Lizzie Jarrett, a Gumbaynggirr, Bundjalung and Dunghutti activist based in Sydney.

Morrison’s US pact is a plan for war

The Coalition’s new military agreement with the US and Britain, known as AUKUS, brings war with China a big step closer.

Urgent call for prison releases after COVID outbreaks in NSW

Advocates are calling for the release of low-risk inmates from prisons following COVID outbreaks in three NSW jails.

9/11 horror triggered new wave of US terrorism and war

The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington caused incredible shock and killed around 3000 people. But what 9/11 represented more than anything was the violence the US had inflicted worldwide for decades coming home.

NSW reopening plan fails on health and workplace safety

The NSW government has released a "roadmap to freedom" for when it reaches the 70 per cent “double-dose” COVID vaccination target.

More action needed to ensure COVID safe return-to-school plan in NSW

The NSW government has announced a staggered return to school from 25 October for those areas of the state in lockdown.

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