Issue 157 - Mar

No Guns! Warlpiri vow to step up fight for justice after killer-cop Rolfe acquitted

On 11 March, a NT Supreme Court jury found Police Constable Zach Rolfe not guilty of murder and two lesser charges.

Morrison’s hypocrisy over Ukraine refugees

For the second time in nine months the world has been confronted by horrific scenes of refugees fleeing war. The first was Afghanistan in August 2021, the second in Ukraine, this year, with over three million people fleeing across the Ukrainian border following Russia’s invasion.

NATO escalation will only lead to ongoing bloodshed

Putin’s war is becoming more bloody and brutal the longer it drags on. But the efforts of the US and NATO are risking a further and even deadlier escalation of the conflict.

Our rulers engage in a grotesque dance of death

While ordinary people respond to the war in Ukraine with horror, the leaders of the major powers are already preparing for the next conflict.

Defiant protests across Russia say no to war

Since the start of the war, protests have been happening every day across Russia, from individual picketing to marches of tens of thousands.

Ukraine government’s Nazi links don’t make Putin an anti-fascist

Ukraine has a significant Nazi and far-right nationalist movement. But before the invasion there was no evidence it enjoyed widespread support.

Labor’s small target strategy guaranteed not to deliver change

Lachlan Marshall explains how Labor’s small target strategy could backfire, and why we need more struggle to get anything from Labor and win change

The turn to America in 1941: Using US power to push Australian imperialism

Just over 80 years ago Prime Minister John Curtin made a dramatic declaration shifting Australia’s allegiance from Britain to the US. Miro Sandev examines the motives

Sanctions on Russia will punish ordinary people, not Putin

Western powers have imposed crippling economic sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

How NATO and the West fuelled the war in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been bloody and brutal. But the path to war began long before Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border.

Floods show deadly climate disasters already here

The massive floods that have hit Queensland and NSW show that climate change is a deadly threat.

Ukraine war product of imperialism of both Putin and the West

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a brutal piece of imperialism. But NATO and the US also share the blame for the conflict.

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