Issue 160 - June

Voters backed climate action, but Labor’s still pushing Morrison’s gas expansion

The federal election result was a cry for climate action.

Tamil family home to Bilo but thousands still waiting for Labor

While Labor was trying to take the credit for the Bilo family, on asylum boat turnbacks and offshore detention, Labor is singing from Morrison’s songsheet.

Greens gain seats but focus on parliament won’t bring change

The Greens celebrated their best ever result at the federal election, winning 12 per cent of the national vote and increasing their Senate seats to 12.

Public sector wide strikes needed to take the fight to the NSW Liberals

Public sector unions in NSW are stepping up their campaign against the state Liberal government.

Sydney University strikes show how to fight back

Three days of strike action at Sydney University in May have turned the political mood on the campus around.

Gas, coal and energy market profits—why our power system’s in crisis

The east coast of Australia is gripped in an energy crisis that will likely take years to solve. Ordinary people will pay the price through their gas and electricity bills.

Protests support call from Yuendumu: ‘no more police guns in communities’

A nationwide day of protest was held on 18 June calling for an end to police guns in remote Indigenous communities.

US sees chance of Russian defeat in Ukraine and ramps up the killing

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to drag on with no end in sight.

Australian resettlement ban imposes torture on refugees in Indonesia

Labor says it will lift the ban on accepting refugees in Indonesia. But action is needed urgently to resettle thousands left for a decade in impossible conditions.

An imperialist alliance: NATO’s bloody history

NATO is an instrument of US imperialist policy, not a defensive alliance, argues Adam Adelpour.

Power market failure—re-nationalise now and build public renewables

The energy system has gone into meltdown in a market failure of massive proportions.

PSA members join the public sector strike wave in NSW

Workers across the public service in NSW took strike action on Wednesday, with thousands of members of the PSA marching on state parliament.

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