Issue 151 - Aug

Earth’s climate on edge of the abyss, warns IPCC report

The new IPCC report is a drastic warning to the world to avoid uncontrollable heating.

Fires, floods and extreme weather lash Europe, America and China

Record-breaking floods, fires and heat waves have swept North America, China and Europe.

New report shows massive jobs and energy potential of offshore wind

A new report has shown the enormous potential of offshore wind in Australia to provide jobs and vast amounts of energy.

Labor ditches efforts at change in empty bid for power

Labor has dumped their opposition to tax cuts for the rich and their policies to limit tax handouts for wealthy property investors, as the party tries to narrow their differences with the Liberals for the next election.

ANZUS and the US alliance—A plan for war and regional domination

The ANZUS treaty has been key to Australia’s efforts to secure US backing for its own imperialist interests in the local region, writes Miro Sandev

Pressure grows for urgent intake as Morrison abandons Afghan refugees

The Afghan crisis has exposed everything that is rotten about Morrison and the government’s anti-refugee policies.

US humiliated in Afghanistan as Taliban seizes Kabul

The 20-year occupation of Afghanistan has ended in a major defeat for the US and its allies.

Vaccine inequality produces surge in deaths across Africa and Asia

With so few vaccinated in the Global South, countries are seeing an appalling—and largely unnecessary—surge of deaths.

SOS: the women who helped derail war in Vietnam

Five members of Melbourne SOS were arrested during a second sit-in in 1971 at the Department of Labour and National Service. When these “mothers” spent 11 days over Easter at Fairlea women’s prison it was a public relations disaster for the government.

Vaccinations need to be encouraged, not compulsory

Vaccinations save lives. But should employers be able to make vaccinations compulsory for their workers? We argue, No.

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