Uni encampments for Gaza demand end to ties with Israel

Gaza solidarity encampments have spread to university campuses across the country, inspired by the movement in the US.

Albanese keeps backing Israel even as aid workers murdered

After six months of slaughter, Israel’s atrocities in Gaza are becoming more and more obscene.

The First Intifada: When Palestinians rose up against Israel

The Palestinian Intifada that began in 1987 exposed the brutality of life under occupation and how Palestinians have no choice but to organise resistance, writes Maeve Larkins.

Israel set to launch murderous assault on Rafah as Albanese sits by

With more than 30,000 dead and much of Gaza reduced to rubble Israel’s genocidal assault shows no sign of relenting.

Albanese government rejects ‘premise’ of genocide as Israel faces world court

Israel’s “genocidal acts” in Gaza have been laid out in meticulous detail in South Africa’s case at the International Court of Justice.

Step up the fight as Albanese backs Gaza genocide

There is blood on Anthony Albanese’s hands over Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza.

Israeli terror state preparing savage new assault on south of Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue to decimate Gaza “with full force” following the brief ceasefire.

‘Labor has blood on their hands’: why I quit the ALP

Labor’s support for Israel’s horrific war on Gaza is creating tensions within the party. Solidarity spoke to one member about why she quit the ALP.

All out to stop the slaughter as Albanese backs Israel’s genocide

Israel’s horrifying assault is targeting the entire population of Gaza. Every day brings more sickening war crimes and atrocities.

Revolution in the Arab world the key to Palestinian liberation

The solidarity for Palestine across the Middle East needs to feed into a revolt to bring down the corrupt regimes that collaborate with imperialism.

Palestinians are right to resist Israeli terror

Hamas has staged a dramatic series of attacks against Israel. This is an act of resistance against the brutal Israeli occupation.

More US bases and war games as Albanese backs military buildup

Anthony Albanese is locking in the biggest US military build-up here since the Second World War, while establishing Australia as a major arms manufacturer.

Can degrowth save the planet?

The idea of degrowth recognises capitalism’s destructive nature, argues Martin Empson, but ends up looking for solutions within capitalism rather than looking to overthrow it.

Editorial: Rate rises and cost of living bite but Albanese does nothing

Millions of workers are being pushed into poverty by the surging cost of living, yet the Albanese government does nothing.

Ukraine counter-offensive will deliver months of bloodshed

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has confirmed that his country’s long-awaited counter-offensive is under way.

PNG students take to the streets against war

Students across Papua New Guinea walked off their campuses last month to protest against a 15-year military agreement between PNG and the US.

Australia cosies up to undemocratic Vietnam against China

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s recent visit to Vietnam highlights Australia’s continuing program of strengthening economic and military ties with countries that can be allies against China.

War between generals a new threat to Sudan’s revolutionaries

A power struggle has erupted in Sudan between two military generals—Abdel Fattah al-Burhan of the Sudanese Armed Forces and Hemedti of the Rapid Support Forces militia.

Albanese welcomes Modi, the butcher of Gujurat

Anthony Albanese welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Sydney in late May, with 20,000 packing the Qudos Arena at Sydney Olympic Park to hear them speak.

Thai electorate reject the military

The results of the recent Thai election are a slap in the face for the military junta, which has been in power since overthrowing the elected Pua Thai government in the coup of 2014.

Budget failure sees Labor put weapons and the rich ahead of action on cost of living

Labor’s budget fails workers and the poor so it can keep big companies, the military and the rich all on side.

Pentagon leaks confirm Ukraine is a dangerous proxy war

The US and NATO have stepped up weapons deliveries to Ukraine further, aiming to prepare it for a highly anticipated spring counter-offensive.

Black Lives Matter—How a militarised police squad shot Aubrey Donahue

On 25 March, in a shocking case of racist brutality, police shot dead Aubrey Donahue, a 27-year-old Muluridji man from Mareeba, Far North Queensland, while he was experiencing a mental health crisis.

New sector benchmark, but NTEU officials scupper fantastic Sydney Uni fight

After a historic nine days of strike action over the past 21 months, NTEU members at the University of Sydney have voted 364-290 against a further three days’ strike in their current enterprise agreement campaign.

Mass strikes sweep France as workers fight Macron’s pension plan

French workers are staging a mass, rolling strike wave against President Macron’s attempt to force people to work longer before they can retire.

Safeguards deal still won’t deliver cuts to emissions

The Greens and Labor have struck a deal to pass the climate Safeguard Mechanism bill. While this may restrict the number of new coal and gas projects, it won’t reduce actual emissions—and is a disaster for the climate.

How the plan for a token advisory Voice was hatched

The plan for an Indigenous Voice to parliament was a result of the government-funded push for constitutional recognition that would deny any real rights, argues Paddy Gibson.

Albanese leaves refugees behind in PNG

Anthony Albanese visited PNG in January, but said nothing of the refugees who had been sent to Manus Island in 2013 when he was deputy prime minister in the Rudd Labor government that imprisoned them offshore.

Right to protest under attack as jail sentence for climate protester Violet Coco sparks outcry

The 15-month jail sentence handed to climate protester Violet Coco in Sydney in December has drawn outrage.

Indigenous activists speak out: Why the Voice won’t do anything to end racist injustice

Many Indigenous people are sceptical about the planned Voice to parliament, despite the media focus on its support. Solidarity spoke to Indigenous activists Callum Clayton-Dixon, Suellyn Tighe and Michael Mansell about the problems with the proposal.

Climate: we can unite direct action with mass mobilisation

The “We Quit” declaration by Extinction Rebellion in Britain that it will step back from disruptive, direct action to build a 100,000-strong rally has ignited a debate about the best approach to fighting climate change.

Refugees have unfinished business with Labor

On 29 November more than 1000 refugees rallied on the lawns of Canberra’s Parliament House to once again demand Labor make good on its pre-election promise to grant permanent visas to refugees on temporary visas.

Don’t cop Labor’s excuses and delays—we have to fight to force real change

The cost of everything keeps going up—with no sign of stopping.

World heads for climate disaster as COP27 brings more broken promises

The world is on a “highway to hell”, the UN’s Antonio Guterres warned as world leaders began gathering at the COP27 climate talks.

Kumanjayi inquest reveals foul police racism

Evidence submitted to the ongoing coronial inquest into Kumanjayi’s death is revealing the systemic racism of the NT police.

War in Ukraine risks spiralling out of control

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has moved to escalate the war in Ukraine after a series of battlefield defeats that have seen Ukraine take back significant territory.

Gillard’s misogyny speech tainted by her hypocrisy on sexism

Sunday 9 October is the tenth anniversary of Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech, when she destroyed Liberal leader Tony Abbott in parliament.

Strike days up: now fan the flames of resistance

The number of strike days between April and June increased sharply, to the highest in one quarter since 2004.

Not our Queen: royals a symbol of rotten system

For workers, she was not our Queen and Charles is not our King. We have nothing to gain by revering a family that exists to celebrate inequality. Our motto should be, roll on the red republic.

Educators not babysitters: childcare workers walk off the job

Thousands of early educators walked out to join protests around the country on Wednesday, demanding pay rises, lower workloads and recognition for their skills.

We pay, they profit: Labor’s Jobs Summit farce

Labor's Jobs Summit is a consensus politics trap the unions need to avoid.

Labor’s small target approach not enough to deal with climate or cost of living crisis

New Prime Minister Anthony Albanese spent much of the last month overseas, reassuring the major imperialist powers that Labor is just as militaristic and aggressive towards China as Scott Morrison.

Is China really a threat?

Expanding military spending and locking Australia further into cooperation with the US war machine only inflames the prospect of war in the region, argues Adam Adelpour.

COVID surge exposes government failure on hospitals and aged care

COVID is not going away any time soon. We need to demand governments act to provide the funding needed to allow hospitals and aged care to cope.

Australian resettlement ban imposes torture on refugees in Indonesia

Labor says it will lift the ban on accepting refugees in Indonesia. But action is needed urgently to resettle thousands left for a decade in impossible conditions.

Fight for change needed to push beyond what Labor’s promised

Labor went to the election with only modest promises of change. But the scale of the defeat for Scott Morrison shows a clear desire for a break with the last nine years of Liberal rule.

Morrison and the Liberals humiliated but no enthusiasm for Labor’s small target

Scott Morrison and the Liberals have been humiliated in an election result that has left the party in disarray.

Morrison’s election bribes can’t disguise his budget failure on wages, aged care and climate

Despite $8.6 billion for tax cuts and payments and tens of billions for the military, spending on climate change has dropped and there is nothing to fix aged care or hospitals.

Floods show deadly climate disasters already here

The massive floods that have hit Queensland and NSW show that climate change is a deadly threat.

Imperialist rivalry raises risk of war in Ukraine

The military escalation is being fuelled by imperialism as the big capitalist powers fight for control over central and eastern Europe.

Morrison’s failures bring COVID chaos—kick him out

Yet again, Scott Morrison’s failure to prepare the health system has created a complete disaster over Omicron.

Stop the march to war on China—join the protests against AUKUS

The Australian government is helping boost the chance of war through belligerent rhetoric against China, alongside its largest military build-up since the Second World War.

Morrison’s climate plan a fraud—fight to fund urgent transition and jobs

Scott Morrison’s new climate plan is a total fraud. Morrison has finally announced support for the net zero by 2050 target but produced no new funding or policies to get there.

Morrison still among world’s worst climate criminals as COP26 summit looms

Scott Morrison had to be shamed into even attending the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Vilifying CFMEU protesters will only build the right

The leadership of the Victorian CFMEU and the ACTU, along with most of the left, have condemned the protesters at the Victorian CFMEU office last week as everything from “drunken morons” to “right-wing extremists” and “neo-Nazis”.

Morrison’s US pact is a plan for war

The Coalition’s new military agreement with the US and Britain, known as AUKUS, brings war with China a big step closer.

Barnaby and Turnbull: Hypocrites on parade

The furore surrounding Barnaby Joyce has plunged the Turnbull government into yet another crisis. Turnbull’s “bonking ban” is symptomatic of a puritanical government in terminal decline.

Ten years since Rudd’s Apology, more black children are being stolen than ever before

Events on 13 February commemorated ten years since Rudd's Apology. But Aboriginal families broken up by “child protection” agencies have pushed continuing forced removals into the spotlight.

Sydney’s rail strike banned—time to fight for the right to strike

Sydney's proposed 24-hour rail strike has been ruled illegal in a snap hearing of the “Fair Work Commission”. The decision exposes how far the law is now stacked against strike action.

Lockout at Port Kembla as company moves to terminate agreement

Around 100 workers and supporters have picketed the Port Kembla coal terminal, after 60 workers were locked out for four days starting at 7pm on Sunday. They are the latest to face bosses’ new tool bosses for slashing workers’ conditions—applying to terminate their Enterprise Agreement.

Iranian workers’ revolt against poverty and inequality holds the key to freedom

The wave of mass protests in Iran that began in late December has spread to all corners of the country. This is the largest display of public defiance since 2009.

Flemington residents stand up to racism and police violence

A fantastic 250-strong crowd, including 60 local residents, faced down police threats to rally against racism and police violence at the Flemington public housing estate in Melbourne on Sunday.

Freedom now! Thousands protest brutal end to Manus siege

After three weeks of refugees’ fearless defiance, the 23-day government siege on Manus Island was brutally ended on Friday 24 November.

Shock loss for Lee Rhiannon: Does the left have a future in the NSW Greens?

Lee Rhiannon’s loss in the NSW Greens preselection is a major defeat for the left of the party. There are serious questions being asked about whether the left has a future in the Greens.

Against the odds, Manus fights for freedom—Bring them here

A desperate siege is unfolding in the Manus detention centre. The 600 men inside the centre are standing up to what seem to be insurmountable odds.

A letter from New Zealand

The formation of the Labour coalition government in New Zealand shows the party's serious lack of political principles, in seeking a Coalition with the anti-immigrant New Zealand First.This has...

Our 24 hour strike shows there’s no UTS without us

UTS staff in the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) took the first serious step in our enterprise bargaining campaign with a successful 24 hour strike on Thursday 19 October.Our...

Homophobia of equal marriage’s opponents comes out

The “No” campaign is grounded in homophobia. But unbelievably, it has tried to present itself as the victim of abuse and intolerance.

North Korea: the war that never ended

The Korean war involved an unbelievable level of destruction and death, writes James Supple, and North Korea remains caught up in the game of imperialist rivalry

Equal marriage campaign must take on the bigots

It is right to point out that equal marriage is an issue of equal rights and ending discrimination. But the campaign for marriage equality will be the most effective blow against homophobia and transphobia in general if it takes on the wider bigotry as well.

It’s left versus right in the NSW Greens pre-selection

It is now obvious that the right-wing of the NSW Greens will support NSW MP Mehreen Faruqi as their best chance to remove left-winger Lee Rhiannon and decisively shift the party to the right in the upcoming pre-selection.

Trump, China and the new world disorder

The decline of US power has led to increased imperialist tensions and war, with the rise of Donald Trump a new element of instability, writes James Supple.

Lee Rhiannon faces challenge in Greens pre-selection in NSW

Another polarising pre-selection contest has begun in the NSW Greens, over the party’s Senate ticket for the next federal election. NSW upper house MP Mehreen Faruqi is standing against sitting Senator Lee Rhiannon, who is up for re-election.

NSW delegates meeting calls October stopwork rally

Union delegates in NSW have voted to hold a union-wide stopwork rally on Wednesday 18 October to step up the fight against the Turnbull government’s war on workers.

French socialist: ‘There will be no honeymoon for Macron’

Denis Godard, a member of the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA) in France, spoke at the SWP's Marxism 2017 festival in London on Macron and the political situation in France.

Greens’ direction at stake in attack on Lee Rhiannon and NSW left

The decision to exclude Lee Rhiannon was a disgraceful attack on her, the NSW Greens, internal party democracy and the left in the party. The compromise announced by Richard Di Natale, to establish a pretentiously named “Balance of Power Subcommittee” involving all the other Greens MPs except Lee, does not resolve anything.

Corbyn, austerity and left reformism in Europe

The Corbyn surge shows that left alternatives to the political mainstream can succeed. But left reformism runs the risk of repeating the old parties’ mistakes argues Miro Sandev

Turkey, the Kurds and the war in Syria

Yildiz Önen will visit Australia for Solidarity's Keep Left conference next month. She spoke to Solidarity about Erdogan’s Turkey, the Kurds and the war in Syria

Attack on Rhiannon throws down the gauntlet to the left in NSW Greens

The Greens party room’s decision to sanction Lee Rhiannon is a disgraceful attack on Greens members, internal democracy and the left in the party.

Corbyn surge shows support for left alternative

Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic success in the British election shows the wide support for left-wing ideas.

Trump abandons climate deal as world dithers on action

Donald Trump’s decision to quit the Paris climate treaty has been condemned worldwide. It means one of the world’s two largest carbon polluters has abandoned the global effort to tackle climate change.

Uluru Statement: Pearson’s advisory body will not bring real change

Noel Pearson’s plan to enshrine a toothless advisory body in the Constitution will change nothing for Aboriginal people, writes Paddy Gibson.

Turnbull budget targets students, workers, unemployed—but no real pain for the rich

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have delivered a budget aimed at avoiding unpopular cuts, in a desperate effort to reverse their slide in the polls. The pundits say it’s a budget Labor could have delivered. But its tax increases deliver no real pain for the rich. Instead ordinary workers and the unemployed are being targeted.

Inside the Fairfax strike: details from the frontline

As Fairfax journalists head back to work after seven days on strike, Solidarity spoke to a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald on the impact of proposed job cuts and how the unlawful strike unfolded.

Patrick’s rank and file face down fines: Industrial action is key

A magnificent struggle at the Sydney Patrick docks, backed by community pickets, has stalled Patrick’s attempt to fragment the workforce and put cheap labour on the wharf.

Sign-on statement: Migrant workers don’t take jobs – Oppose Turnbull’s racism

Turnbull’s recently announced changes restricting temporary work visas and further tightening the citizenship application process are an effort to mimic Donald Trump and use racism to boost the government’s declining electoral support.

Don’t fall for Turnbull’s racist campaign against migrant workers

In a further slide to the right, Malcolm Turnbull has announced the end of 457 visas and new tougher citizenship requirements for migrants. Racist Pauline Hanson celebrated the moves as the work of One Nation.

Wharfies stop work as Patrick tries union busting again

On 9 April, wharfies and activists held a three-hour blockade of the Patrick terminal at Port Botany in Sydney, to protest the latest attempt at union busting on the waterfront. Then, in a significant escalation, on Thursday 20 April, workers refused to load a train and began an almost 24 hour sit-in.

Responding to RISE: Class power not identity politics needed to fight racism

The thousands willing to march in the pouring rain at Melbourne’s Palm Sunday rally was a sign of the solid commitment of the refugee campaign. But for a month in the run up, two organisations, RISE and Democracy in Colour, tried to sabotage the rally.

Turnbull scraps 457 visas to launch new racist campaign

Malcolm Turnbull has announced the end of 457 visas, a move celebrated by racist Pauline Hanson as the work of One Nation. The government is scapegoating temporary migrant workers for unemployment in an effort to win back One Nation voters and present itself as “protecting the borders”.

Oppose Trump’s air strikes: Oppose all US and Australian bombing in Syria

Donald Trump’s firing of 60 cruise missiles into a Syrian air base in retaliation for Assad’s use of chemical weapons can only escalate the war and result in even more civilian casualties.

Defy the law to defend penalty rates and fight Turnbull

New ACTU leader Sally McManus gave heart to unionists everywhere when said that workers were right to break unfair laws. This is exactly what we will we need to do to stop the attack on penalty rates, scrap the ABCC and win basic union rights.

Russia’s 1917 revolution: When workers took power

The October revolution is derided by establishment figures. But it saw workers overthrow capitalism and establish real democratic control of society, writes David Glanz

WA election: Liberals humiliated, One Nation flops

After two terms of government under Colin Barnett the Liberals have taken a belting in Western Australia. Anger at high unemployment and the threat of further privatisation has delivered the ALP a landslide win.

Penalty rates fightback needed after savage cuts

Workers are seething after the industrial umpire slashed penalty rates for some of the lowest paid workers in the country. An immediate union response can stop the cuts.

US eyewitness: resistance to Trump spreading

Crisis after crisis has plagued Donald Trump’s first month in the White House. He has the lowest approval ratings of any incoming president ever recorded.

Trump’s racist shock and awe builds on Obama legacy

Trump’s first days in power produced a sweeping series of executive orders. Most dramatic was his ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries entering the US.

Defend the Left and fight for the soul of The Greens

For the broad left nationally, those inside and outside of the Greens, the declaration of Left Renewal is a very welcome development. Its formation as a left pole has already pulled the debate in The Greens to the left, exposing the ongoing offensive by the Richard Di Natale-led right and their NSW allies, and has spurred the broader left in the NSW Greens to respond publicly.

Editorial: Liberal Minister resigns: one down—but they’ve all got to go

While the world prepares for the inauguration of Donald Trump, the good news in Australia is that one greedy, self-entitled Liberal former Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, has resigned.

Murder at Myall Creek—whitewashing the real history of the massacre

Because there were two trials of the men responsible for the Myall Creek massacre, it is perhaps the most well documented atrocity in the long, genocidal war against Aboriginal people that stretched into the 20th century.

Greens leaders on the attack: Hands off the left; Defend Lee Rhiannon

The attack by former leader Christine Milne on the NSW Greens factional grouping Left Renewal and left-wing Greens MPs Lee Rhiannon and David Shoebridge is more evidence of the campaign being waged by the right of the party.

Time running out for left in NSW Greens after new setback

The left in the NSW Greens have suffered another blow, with the left’s candidate Kelly Marks losing to the more conservative candidate, Dawn Walker, in the pre-selection for a spot in the NSW upper house.

Three week picket humbles Harrison boss

After three weeks on strike, workers in Brookvale, North Sydney have won demands for union representation and a 2.5 per cent pay rise.

Human disaster looms in Mosul amid US-led offensive

A US-led coalition is entering the eighth week of a major assault on the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, currently controlled by the Islamic State.

Turnbull and Shorten mimic Trump’s racist campaign

Donald Trump’s election shows the political danger when disgust with the system is pulled to the right. It is already having its effect on Australian politics.

Trump’s win shows danger of racist right

Trump's election has emboldened Pauline Hanson and far right parties everywhere. If anger at inequality is turned in a racist direction the results will be extremely dangerous.

Bersih 5.0: fighting corruption, racism and inequality in Malaysia

Tens of thousands joined the latest Bersih march in Malaysia over the weekend. The Bersih rallies, as well as solidarity actions in Australia and across the world, are a powerful demonstration for the basic democratic rights denied to Malaysians.

Trump’s right-wing populism channelled anger in US society

Trump’s election is an astounding upset that defies almost all the predictions. It shows how anger at the political system can be pulled to the right, as with the Brexit vote in the UK earlier this year.

Bring them all here—Kill Turnbull’s refugee ban bill

Just when you thought that the Coalition could not be any more grubby, Malcolm Turnbull has announced that he intends to ban any refugee or asylum seeker sent to an offshore processing centre after 19 July 2013 from ever coming to Australia.

Trump’s foul sexism mirrors the sexism of the system

The outrage against Donald Trump’s revolting sexism has dealt a possibly fatal blow to his presidential campaign.

‘Poofter bashing’ was a sport, and police were in the game

A swathe of murders rocked the LGBT community in Sydney in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. So it was encouraging when SBS announced a series, Deep Water, focusing on the killings. The drama, however, is extremely disappointing.

Students strike to save SCA

Students at SCA have staged a two-day student strike against plans to close their campus at Callan Park. As part of the “day of disruption”, a gigantic banner was dropped from the Quadrangle building and piles of clay turned into a sculpture at the entrance. A tent city, complete with a DJ, was set up on the front lawns.

Stalemate with right-wing as Corbyn re-elected leader

British left-winger Jeremy Corbyn has won a landslide victory to be re-elected as Labour Party leader. He actually increased his share of the vote to 62 per cent despite a campaign by the right-wing that blocked 130,000 members from voting, most of whom were pro-Corbyn.

Bernie Sanders—What happened to the revolution?

Bernie Sanders’ loss in the Democratic primaries exposes the true nature of the party—and why efforts to change it from within are a dead end, argues Solidarity

Support floods in as students occupy to save SCA

Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) students are entering their third week occupying administration offices. The campaign is pushing more and more people to publicly condemn the university.

Kalgoorlie rages against racism after 14-year-old run down

The murder of 14-year-old Elijah Doughty in Kalgoorlie has shone another spotlight on the brutal racism inflicted on Aboriginal children in Australia.

Fifty years since the Gurindji strike: Unions and the fight for land rights

The Gurindji walk off, which launched the Land Rights movement, showed the potential for fusing trade union and anti-racist struggles, argues Paddy Gibson

Students occupy to demand ‘Let SCA Stay’

Students at Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) are occupying administration offices in an effort to stop the closure of their campus, at Callan Park in Rozelle.

After the Nauru shame files: Open the borders, Bring them all here

The calls to close Manus and Nauru are growing louder. Despite Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s attempts to dismiss the leaked Nauru files, the government has not been able to ignore the outcry.

Islamophobia, secularism and the French left

Nick Riemer writes on how Islamophobia has become shockingly acceptable in France, even on the left, in the wake of efforts to ban Muslim women wearing burkinis from French beaches.

Fight over Greens’ direction breaks out over NSW pre-selection

The NSW Greens are in serious turmoil over the pre-selection for a vacant NSW upper house seat, created by the tragic death of left-wing MP John Kaye from cancer in May.

WA government confirms plans to close communities

The WA government has confirmed plans to halt services to hundreds of remote Aboriginal communities and to force residents to move to larger towns.

Lessons from women’s liberation in the US

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, originally released in 2014, has played to dozens of sold out screenings in Australia, and is now streaming on Netflix.

Editorial: Weak and divided—the Liberals can be beaten

The election has delivered a savage blow to Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition government.

Hanson fed off Turnbull’s racism and rage at political elite

There has been widespread shock at the news that Pauline Hanson has won a Senate seat in Queensland. Her racist One Nation party could take up to three seats in the upper house, including in NSW.

Building the fight to ‘Let SCA stay’

Four hundred students marched on the University Senate meeting on 4 July against plans to close Sydney College of the Arts (SCA). University of Sydney management has released plans to move SCA and close its current site in Callan Park, Rozelle.

Turnbull humiliated as Liberals face parliamentary chaos

The election has delivered a savage blow to Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition government. The danger is that the disaffection with the mainstream parties can be pulled to the right.

Brexit vote brings Tory crisis—don’t cry for the EU

Britain has voted to exit the EU. No doubt, some people voted Leave for anti-immigration reasons. But this was also an anti-austerity vote—a revolt against big business and the politicians.

Calls for freedom grow louder amidst repression in West Papua

THOUSANDS OF West Papuans have joined demonstrations in Papuan cities and Highlands towns to demand an end to Indonesian occupation. The protests come as a push for the United...

Homophobic murder in Orlando—don’t let racists hijack grief

For the LGBTI community everywhere, the mass killing at gay club Pulse in Orlando feels very real and extremely personal. We have a duty not to let racist politicians exploit this horrible tragedy to further their Islamophobia, their racism, and their wars.

All out to make sure it’s time up for Turnbull

There’s now a real chance the Liberals will lose the election on 2 July. As the election campaign has dragged on, it’s become clearer and clearer that Malcolm Turnbull stands for handouts to big business and the top end of town.

‘It was like a war zone’: PNG activist speaks on student strikes

Police have shot students at the University of Papua New Guineu this morning, leaving at least 23 injured, some critically. Solidarity spoke with UPNG academic, Patrick Kaikua, about the background to the strike a few days before the shootings.

Victory as La Trobe Uni drops attack on Safe Schools co-founder

In a concerning attack on academic and political freedom, Roz Ward, co-founder of Safe Schools, was suspended from her position at La Trobe university for misconduct on 1 June.In...

Turnbull’s budget delivers for business and the rich

The centrepiece of Turnbull’s budget is handouts to business and high income earners. But for workers and the poor there are only cuts.

Manus will close: Offshore detention in tatters

The decision by the PNG Supreme Court means that one half of the government’s offshore processing regime is finished, writes Ian Rintoul.

Liberals’ budget means more fees and cuts ahead for universities

Treasurer Scott Morrison didn’t mention higher education in his budget speech. But major reforms have simply been delayed one more year, until the beginning of 2018. The Liberals are hoping to keep their plans quiet until after the election.

Panama Papers: capitalism working well for obscenely rich

The Panama Papers show us, once again, that capitalism is a system where governments help their mates to hide their income and wealth while all the time businesses pretend they are paying their “fair share” of tax.

Strike out the ABCC, strike out Turnbull

Turnbull has pulled the trigger to call an early election, and is demanding that the Senate pass both the ABCC and the Registered Organisations bill, or he will hold a double dissolution election. The only guarantee that his anti-union laws can be stopped now is an industrial campaign.

For Greens-union-Labor unity in the fight against Turnbull

The debate over Senate voting reform and the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) legislation is seriously undermining the united left we need to kick out Turnbull and defeat the Liberals’ anti-union agenda.

20 years since his election: John Howard—class warrior for the rich

The Howard government had a ruthless class agenda, writes David Glanz, but it was Labor’s timid opposition that kept it in power

Suffragettes: The vote, the war and working class women

Geraldine Fela discusses the new film Suffragette, and how the fight for the vote polarised between wealthy and working class women

Tax avoidance is big business

The Australian Tax Office released the Corporate Tax Transparency Report in December. This first report specifically names the companies who paid new tax.

Islamophobia and climate failure expose Turnbull’s true colours

The aftermath of the Paris attacks has seen an even more determined campaign to scapegoat the Muslim community. And Turnbull’s embrace of Abbott’s policies has been displayed at the climate summit.

Target Muslims, stoke fear: Australian politicians and the media’s response to Paris

After the attacks in Paris, the Coalition and the Murdoch media worked hand-in-glove, casting around for ways to make political mileage.

A new generation rekindles Palestinian resistance

Palestinians have launched a new wave of resistance in response to decades of dispossession, discrimination and humiliation.

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