Lockout fails, but Svitzer uses anti-strike laws to hobble unions

Last month tug boat operator Svitzer dramatically escalated its attack on its workforce, moving to lock them out indefinitely at 17 ports around the country.

WA nurses’ union faces deregistration threat

The nurses’ union in WA says it has avoided deregistration, after a threat from the IRC following its strike in defiance of Commission orders.

Refugees have unfinished business with Labor

On 29 November more than 1000 refugees rallied on the lawns of Canberra’s Parliament House to once again demand Labor make good on its pre-election promise to grant permanent visas to refugees on temporary visas.

Ukraine war set to grind on as US and Russia dismiss negotiations

Russia has suffered a further defeat in Ukraine, withdrawing from Kherson, the only regional capital that Russian forces successfully occupied since their invasion earlier this year.

Protests continue to rock Iran as regime wavers on headscarf law

Protests in Iran are still ramping up pressure on the regime, entering their third month despite a brutal crackdown by the state.

Australian subimperialism—Submarines, sovereignty and class

Clinton Fernandes’ new book explains how Australia works as a subimperial power alongside the US, but still argues for a nationalist policy, says Robert Stainsby.

Can change come from inside Israel?

Israeli politics is becoming more racist and right-wing as a result of its foundation as a settler state based on Palestinian dispossession, argues James Supple.

Gough Whitlam’s legacy 50 years on: What’s happened to Labor?

Gough Whitlam is remembered as a radical reformer, but his demise laid the ground for Labor’s move to the right, writes Mark Gillespie.

China rebels against COVID repression—workers’ power can bring down the CCP

China has seen the most significant nation-wide protests since the Tiananmen square uprising in 1989, with thousands of people taking to the streets demanding an end to brutal “zero COVID” policies.

Crypto crisis exposes chaos of the system

The crypto bubble has burst, destroying billions of dollars of notional wealth. It’s not just the “crypto bros” who have lost out. Many ordinary people who got caught up in the hype have lost savings.

Don’t cop Labor’s excuses and delays—we have to fight to force real change

The cost of everything keeps going up—with no sign of stopping.

Nurses in WA take on Labor government over staffing and pay

WA nurses have begun industrial action, after more than two years of the pandemic, crisis level ambulance ramping at hospitals, short-staffed shifts, and a paltry pay offer from the state Labor government.

Dan Andrews—progressive sheen covering a law and order agenda

Victoria’s claim to be “the most progressive state in the nation” leaves out some inconvenient facts.

Funding public health the alternative to lockdowns

Chip Le Grand’s Lockdown is a fascinating look at the politics of COVID-19, focused on the experience of lockdown in Victoria.

It’s not complicated—Permanent visas for refugees now

It’s now almost six months since Labor was elected, and the anger is growing.

Iran protests still growing as regime fears worker revolt

Protest and rebellion have swept Iran for almost two months since the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the regime’s notorious morality police.

US backing puts Taiwan at the mercy of American war plans

Seeking the backing of the US puts Taiwan in the middle of the clash between superpower rivals—with potentially devastating consequences writes Phil Griffiths

Eyewitness report: Australia’s other offshore hell—lift the ban on refugees in Indonesia

Ian Rintoul recently returned from a refugee movement fact-finding trip to Indonesia. He reports on the plight of refugees trapped there by Australian government policy

Should we blow up pipelines? Civil disobedience, workers and the climate movement

Andreas Malm’s provocative book How to blow up a pipeline argues that the climate movement needs to escalate. But is no help on how to do so, argues James Supple

World heads for climate disaster as COP27 brings more broken promises

The world is on a “highway to hell”, the UN’s Antonio Guterres warned as world leaders began gathering at the COP27 climate talks.

Union tour pledges support for Gomeroi fight against Pilliga gas project

A delegation of 50 trade union officials and rank-and-file members visited the Pilliga Forest on 6 November, to hear first-hand from Gomeroi leaders about their struggle against the Santos Pilliga/Narrabri gas project.

Labor’s IR bill is no solution for low-pay crisis

If we want pay rises that at least match rampant inflation, it will take strike action to win them. And effective strike action involves breaking the industrial relations laws, not begging for their reform.

Timid budget sees Labor refuse to act on cost of living shock

Labor’s first budget is timid and conservative. It makes room for its modest election promises while delivering an approach any conservative would be proud of.

Albanese sticks with small target and tax cuts for the rich—fight back to force change

Anthony Albanese’s caution and conservatism has seen him rule out dropping the appalling “stage three” tax cuts for the rich in the government’s Budget on 25 October.

Setbacks for Origin and Santos show the gas attack can be beaten

Anthony Albanese’s Labor government remains committed to expanding new fossil fuel projects. But a series of recent wins show this can be stopped.

Labor’s plan on industry emissions to depend on dodgy offset schemes

Oil and gas companies are demanding government handouts and the ability to buy their way out of cutting emissions by using dodgy offsets under a new Labor government climate scheme.

Don’t wind down NSW public sector fight into a campaign for Labor

The NSW public sector union campaign has stalled, after the teachers’ union called off a strike day in October and the rail union delayed further industrial action following legal threats.

NSW Labor’s promises on nurse ratios fall short

NSW Labor leader Chris Minns has announced plans for new safe staffing levels in hospitals if he wins next year’s state election.

Kumanjayi inquest reveals foul police racism

Evidence submitted to the ongoing coronial inquest into Kumanjayi’s death is revealing the systemic racism of the NT police.

Lessons from the fight to save the Franklin

Franklin is a beautiful film about the seven-year campaign to save Tasmania’s World Heritage-listed Franklin River from the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

Strike surge in Britain as cuts and cost of living bite

The soaring cost of living in Britain has triggered a significant wave of strikes, alongside bitter resistance to a Tory government that is in disarray.

Fascists and the far right win elections in Italy and Sweden

Last month Italy elected a fascist prime minister, just weeks after a far right party received a fifth of the total vote in Sweden’s election.

Iran’s revolt and the lessons of the 1979 revolution

Today, as workers join the struggles on the streets in Iran, there is inspiration to be gained and lessons learned from the events of 1979.

Weapons of death—Australia’s growing arms industry

Australia is pushing to develop a much bigger local military manufacturing and arms industry as part of its effort to confront China writes Feiyi Zhang.

Mussolini and the rise of fascism in Italy

Italy was the first country where fascism came to power. Cooper Forsyth looks at what fascist rule meant and the lessons for stopping the far right today

More torture as Labor threatens Medevac refugees brought from offshore detention

Late last month, refugees brought to Australia from PNG and Nauru received a threatening letter from the government telling them they had to leave the country.

War in Ukraine risks spiralling out of control

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has moved to escalate the war in Ukraine after a series of battlefield defeats that have seen Ukraine take back significant territory.

Queensland backs publicly-owned renewables and job guarantees for workers

The Queensland government has announced plans to boost public investment in renewable energy, as well as a job security guarantee for workers affected by coal power station closures.

Strikes needed to push up pay after Labor’s Jobs Summit ignores cost-of-living crisis

Anthony Albanese’s response to the Queen’s death brought out his caution and subservience to the establishment.

The Queen’s obscene hoard of stolen wealth

Queen Elizabeth II was a parasite born into a life of privilege, with a household of more than 400 staff and tens of billions in assets.

Labor backs fossil fuels as new gas and coal projects get the go ahead

Even after pushing its 43 per cent climate target through parliament, the new Labor government has made it clear that it’s still open season for gas and coal projects.

Labor backs fossil fuel companies’ carbon capture scam

Despite their talk of climate action, the Labor government has approved two new offshore areas for Carbon Capture and Storage projects.

One third of Pakistan under water as climate disaster brings extreme flooding

Extreme flooding has devastated Pakistan after ten consecutive weeks of heavy rainfall.

Cashless Debit Card to go, but racist controls on NT Aboriginal communities continue

Labor is abolishing the draconian Cashless Debit Card, but currently has no timetable to free more than 22,000 people still on the BasicsCard, another form of welfare quarantining

Jobs Summit trade-offs won’t deliver pay rises we need

Labor’s Jobs Summit has delivered a deal to trade off watering down the Better Off Overall Test for a highly restricted version of multi-employer bargaining.

Can industry-wide bargaining make a difference?

For decades, industry-wide bargaining was the bedrock of Australia’s industrial relations system.

Dangerous new chapter in Ukraine war

The bloody war in Ukraine has taken a new turn as Ukrainian forces equipped with US-supplied weaponry have routed Russian forces south-east of Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city.

Why enterprise bargaining is failing workers

Falling wages are a product of the way enterprise bargaining was designed to benefit employers and restrict the right to strike, writes James Supple

Sabra and Shatila 40 years on—Israel’s brutal war crime

The massacre at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon was one of Israel’s most shocking war crimes against the Palestinians, writes Ella Haber

Gorbachev, Stalinism and the end of the USSR

The death of the last Soviet Union leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, was met with a mixed response—and a series of myths. Isabel Ringrose examines the impact of his rule

Labor’s delays leave refugees in limbo

More than 1500 refugees and asylum-seekers rallied from across the country in Canberra on 8 September to demand permanent visas for all refugees and asylum-seekers.

Strike days up: now fan the flames of resistance

The number of strike days between April and June increased sharply, to the highest in one quarter since 2004.

Labor offers symbolism not real change—strike back for action on wages and the climate

Beyond symbolism, Labor is refusing to budge from the conservative, small target policies it took to the election or offer any substantial change.

Offsets scam means Labor’s climate target even worse than it looks

Labor's weak 43 per cent climate target relies on massive use of dodgy offsets, where companies can simply buy their way out of making cuts to emissions.

Deals in parliament won’t deliver the climate action we need

Labor’s pathetic climate target of 43 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 is set to pass federal parliament with The Greens’ support.

Biloela family gets visas but Labor still leaving thousands of refugees in limbo

Labor will pay dearly if the visas for the Biloela family is a one-off attempt to grab some positive media and earn some brownie points from the refugee movement.

Taiwan visit goads China in US imperialist power play

Nancy Pelosi’s provocative visit to Taiwan in August has signalled a dangerous new phase in the rivalry between the US and China.

Ecuador rises up against austerity amid cost of living crisis

Indigenous protests in Ecuador have won major concessions after a general strike that brought the capital Quito and the port city of Guayaquil to a standstill for 18 days in June.

Capitalism and the climate crisis—Why it’s socialism or extinction

A new book explains why it will take a revolution to force the action needed to halt the climate crisis—and how we can win one, explains Maeve Larkins

Lifting the lid on wage theft and exploitation

Ben Schneiders is a Walkley award winning investigative journalist at The Age. He spoke to Solidarity about his new book Hard Labour: wage theft in the age of inequality, out in October.

The 1970s and the fight for abortion rights in Australia

Abortion became a political battleground in the 1970s, as social attitudes, court decisions and the Women’s Liberation Movement forced dramatic changes writes Judy McVey

Indigenous Voice a hollow advisory body, Labor confirms

Anthony Albanese has outlined Labor’s proposed constitutional reform to enshrine an Indigenous “Voice to Parliament”. The details confirm that the planned referendum will offer no constitutional rights to Indigenous people and ensure the Voice has no enshrined powers.

We pay, they profit: Labor’s Jobs Summit farce

Labor's Jobs Summit is a consensus politics trap the unions need to avoid.

Sydney Uni shut down again in fourth strike day

Staff at the University of Sydney have taken their fourth day of strike action since May this year against an aggressive and hostile university management.

Community protests keep Redfern’s National Centre for Indigenous Excellence open for now

A week of protests has won a reprieve for Redfern’s National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, after plans to shut the centre were announced suddenly last week.

Anti-union ABCC defunded, but unions still need to fight for the right to strike

One surprise since Labor's election win in May is its immediate move to almost totally defund the anti-union ABCC.

Fed-up NSW nurses vote for more strikes over staffing and 7 per cent

Nurses in NSW have reaffirmed a decision to demand a 7 per cent pay increase, rejecting the NSW Liberal government’s pay cap of just 3 per cent.

‘An alliance in support of the Tent Embassy and land rights’: The Black Moratorium marches 50 years on

Bob Makinson was involved in organising meetings for the Black Moratorium in Sydney as a high school student. He spoke to Solidarity about the marches and their part in the history of the Aboriginal rights movement.

Labor’s small target approach not enough to deal with climate or cost of living crisis

New Prime Minister Anthony Albanese spent much of the last month overseas, reassuring the major imperialist powers that Labor is just as militaristic and aggressive towards China as Scott Morrison.

Turn inflation pain back on the bosses

Inflation is turning basic food items into luxuries, pushing up prices across the board and eating into workers’ living standards.

NSW Liberals’ increased strike fines a sign of weakness

The NSW Liberals have ramped up their attacks on public sector workers with a plan to increase fines for striking.

Stop the NSW police crackdown on protest—solidarity with Blockade Australia

A police crackdown on climate activists linked to Blockade Australia has seen over 35 people arrested in a fortnight.

Brutal border policies spread as UK moves to offshore refugees

The UK government has adopted brutal Australian-style measures against refugees, planning to exile the majority of asylum-seeker boat arrivals in the UK to Rwanda.

Worldwide outrage as abortion rights overturned in US

The US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade has drawn worldwide outrage.

Is China really a threat?

Expanding military spending and locking Australia further into cooperation with the US war machine only inflames the prospect of war in the region, argues Adam Adelpour.

State capture? Why governments serve big business

The idea that governments and the state have been captured by vested interests misunderstands why they serve the interests of the wealthy, writes Ruby Wawn

Labor wants the energy market profiteers to deliver renewables transition

The energy market chaos and soaring power bills boost the case for a rapid transition to renewable energy.

After nine years of refugee horror: Labor must grant permanent visas now

This year on 19 July marked nine years since Kevin Rudd’s Labor government announced that asylum-seekers who arrived by boat would be sent offshore and never be allowed to resettle in Australia.

COVID surge exposes government failure on hospitals and aged care

COVID is not going away any time soon. We need to demand governments act to provide the funding needed to allow hospitals and aged care to cope.

Anger at lockdowns in China fuels dissent against the regime

After two months of total lockdown, some semblance of normal life has started to return for most of the 28 million people who live in Shanghai, China’s largest and richest city.

Labor falls short on cost of living and climate action—step up the fight for change

Anthony Albanese has spent his first month as Prime Minister emphasising change. But Labor is still offering far too little of it.

Behind the election win, Labor is in deep decline

The ALP’s victory could not disguise the fact that the party received its lowest first-preference vote since 1934, at just 32.58 per cent.

Voters backed climate action, but Labor’s still pushing Morrison’s gas expansion

The federal election result was a cry for climate action.

Tamil family home to Bilo but thousands still waiting for Labor

While Labor was trying to take the credit for the Bilo family, on asylum boat turnbacks and offshore detention, Labor is singing from Morrison’s songsheet.

Greens gain seats but focus on parliament won’t bring change

The Greens celebrated their best ever result at the federal election, winning 12 per cent of the national vote and increasing their Senate seats to 12.

Public sector wide strikes needed to take the fight to the NSW Liberals

Public sector unions in NSW are stepping up their campaign against the state Liberal government.

Sydney University strikes show how to fight back

Three days of strike action at Sydney University in May have turned the political mood on the campus around.

Gas, coal and energy market profits—why our power system’s in crisis

The east coast of Australia is gripped in an energy crisis that will likely take years to solve. Ordinary people will pay the price through their gas and electricity bills.

Protests support call from Yuendumu: ‘no more police guns in communities’

A nationwide day of protest was held on 18 June calling for an end to police guns in remote Indigenous communities.

US sees chance of Russian defeat in Ukraine and ramps up the killing

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to drag on with no end in sight.

Australian resettlement ban imposes torture on refugees in Indonesia

Labor says it will lift the ban on accepting refugees in Indonesia. But action is needed urgently to resettle thousands left for a decade in impossible conditions.

An imperialist alliance: NATO’s bloody history

NATO is an instrument of US imperialist policy, not a defensive alliance, argues Adam Adelpour.

Power market failure—re-nationalise now and build public renewables

The energy system has gone into meltdown in a market failure of massive proportions.

PSA members join the public sector strike wave in NSW

Workers across the public service in NSW took strike action on Wednesday, with thousands of members of the PSA marching on state parliament.

Fight for change needed to push beyond what Labor’s promised

Labor went to the election with only modest promises of change. But the scale of the defeat for Scott Morrison shows a clear desire for a break with the last nine years of Liberal rule.

Electoral shifts expose anger at both major parties

The election has revealed the underlying crisis facing both the Coalition and Labor, with more than 31 per cent of voters opting for Greens, teal independents or other minor parties

Teachers, aged care, transport workers strikes show how to fight for wage rises

Wage rises and the cost of living were a major issue in the federal election campaign, with inflation now running at 5.1 per cent and set to increase further.

After 15 years of racism—chance to tear out the NT Intervention by the roots

This June marks 15 years since the Howard government began the NT Intervention, mobilising the army and introducing a wide swathe of racist, draconian controls over Aboriginal people and their lands.

Racist neglect caused Indigenous woman’s death in Melbourne prison

An inquest into the death in custody of Indigenous woman Veronica Nelson has revealed criminal negligence and racism in Victoria’s prisons.

Sri Lanka protests show alternative to poverty and racism amid economic collapse

Sri Lanka has been rocked by weeks of mass demonstrations and a general strike, following its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948.

Wave of anger as US Supreme Court to overturn right to abortion

The United States Supreme Court is set to wind back the clock after a leaked document revealed it plans to overturn the historic Roe v Wade ruling.

US and NATO push for drawn-out proxy war in Ukraine

The US and NATO are waging an increasingly open, long-term proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Red lines and imperialist rivalries—Australia is no friend of the Pacific

The Australian government’s record in the south Pacific shows it is a bully and a thief that wants to maintain its own domination of the region argues James Supple

Lessons from the last Labor government

The last Labor government was ultimately destroyed by its determination to defend the interests of big business and manage capitalism, writes Mark Gillespie

Can we ever get rid of sexism?

Sexism is a product of structures and institutions that benefit the rich and powerful, writes Jordi Pardoel, and to get rid of sexism we have to get rid of capitalism

Morrison and the Liberals humiliated but no enthusiasm for Labor’s small target

Scott Morrison and the Liberals have been humiliated in an election result that has left the party in disarray.

Morrison a climate criminal, but Labor still backing coal and gas expansion

The Coalition are climate criminals. Yet while Labor does have better climate policy, it has not sought to highlight this during the campaign.

Take to the streets to drive out Morrison and start the fight for real change

With inflation over 5 per cent, we need to hit the streets to seize the chance to drive Morrison out and build the struggle that can win real change.

Balance of power politics is no way to win change

Independents and The Greens are pushing to hold the balance of power, saying that this will allow them to extract substantial reforms. But it’s no way to win change.

Gas export giants make billions but pay no tax

Offshore gas companies are fleecing Australian taxpayers, making massive profits while paying practically nothing under the government’s Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT).

Whoever wins the election, unions will need to fight to boost wages

Workers are feeling the squeeze after a decade of low wage growth, in the face of rising inflation. But the Liberals are still determined to attack union rights and undermine workers’ ability to win pay rises.

Still unfinished business for the refugee movement after we turn back Morrison

It wasn’t long before Scott Morrison found a chance to boast about being the architect of Operation Sovereign Borders and turning back asylum boats.

The West prepared to let Ukraine horror drag on

Instead of leaping at the possibility for negotiations in Ukraine, our leaders made it clear that they want the war to go on.

Fascists gain ground in French election despite Macron victory

Emmanuel Macron has beaten the fascist Marine Le Pen to take the French presidency. But Le Pen’s vote of 41.5 per cent was a significant increase on her total in the last run-off election.

Time for a reckoning with the system that breeds sexism

Jess Hill’s Quarterly Essay The Reckoning is an assessment of the #MeToo movement in Australia.

Has Labor in power ever made a difference?

Jean Parker looks at why workers have different expectations of Labor governments, and why so many of them have ended up betraying their supporters.

Protest that helped refugees escape from detention—the Woomera breakout 20 years on

The Woomera breakout saw protesters help refugees escape detention, advancing a movement that won freedom for many others too, writes James Supple

How war can lead to revolution

The horrors of war have produced numerous revolts at home—that have ended wars, toppled dictatorships and put a fight for radical change on the agenda, argues Tom Orsag.

Billions wasted on weapons—stop the march to war on China

The Morrison government remains stuck behind in the polls and is relentlessly trying to take us into a khaki election.

Australia’s own imperialism behind hysteria over Solomons-China deal

China’s security treaty with the Solomon Islands, finally signed this week, has caused hysteria in Australian ruling class circles.

South Australian vote shows Morrison’s on the ropes—strike back to knock him out and win real change

The big swing against the Liberals in the South Australian election is another blow to the Liberals. Scott Morrison will be even more panicked about his own re-election chances.

Morrison still pushing to expand gas and fossil fuels

Putin’s war in Ukraine has driven up the price of Australian coal and gas. Despite the shift beginning around to world to renewables there are still enormous profits to be made.

Cannon-Brookes and green capitalists won’t save us

Massive energy company AGL has declined an $8 billion takeover bid from tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes and Canadian investment fund Brookfield.

No Guns! Warlpiri vow to step up fight for justice after killer-cop Rolfe acquitted

On 11 March, a NT Supreme Court jury found Police Constable Zach Rolfe not guilty of murder and two lesser charges.

Morrison’s hypocrisy over Ukraine refugees

For the second time in nine months the world has been confronted by horrific scenes of refugees fleeing war. The first was Afghanistan in August 2021, the second in Ukraine, this year, with over three million people fleeing across the Ukrainian border following Russia’s invasion.

NATO escalation will only lead to ongoing bloodshed

Putin’s war is becoming more bloody and brutal the longer it drags on. But the efforts of the US and NATO are risking a further and even deadlier escalation of the conflict.

Our rulers engage in a grotesque dance of death

While ordinary people respond to the war in Ukraine with horror, the leaders of the major powers are already preparing for the next conflict.

Defiant protests across Russia say no to war

Since the start of the war, protests have been happening every day across Russia, from individual picketing to marches of tens of thousands.

Ukraine government’s Nazi links don’t make Putin an anti-fascist

Ukraine has a significant Nazi and far-right nationalist movement. But before the invasion there was no evidence it enjoyed widespread support.

Labor’s small target strategy guaranteed not to deliver change

Lachlan Marshall explains how Labor’s small target strategy could backfire, and why we need more struggle to get anything from Labor and win change

The turn to America in 1941: Using US power to push Australian imperialism

Just over 80 years ago Prime Minister John Curtin made a dramatic declaration shifting Australia’s allegiance from Britain to the US. Miro Sandev examines the motives

Sanctions on Russia will punish ordinary people, not Putin

Western powers have imposed crippling economic sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

How NATO and the West fuelled the war in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been bloody and brutal. But the path to war began long before Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border.

Floods show deadly climate disasters already here

The massive floods that have hit Queensland and NSW show that climate change is a deadly threat.

Ukraine war product of imperialism of both Putin and the West

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a brutal piece of imperialism. But NATO and the US also share the blame for the conflict.

Morrison and Santos drive gas-fired dispossession and climate disaster

Australian oil and gas giant Santos has applied to the Native Title Tribunal to impose its Narrabri coal-seam gas project against consistent opposition from Gomeroi traditional owners.

Labor’s ‘green’ plan for Kurri Kurri plant still a climate disaster

Labor has announced it will now support Morrison’s plan for the construction of a new gas-fired power station in Kurri Kurri, saying a Labor government would convert it to run on green hydrogen.

Striking nurses rage against lack of staff in NSW hospitals

Nurses have taken strike action across public hospitals in NSW for up to 24 hours, with around 5000 marching on state parliament.

Companies using EBA termination to get their way

Several major employers have rushed to the Fair Work Commission in an effort to terminate workplace Enterprise Agreements (EBA), no doubt mindful of the looming federal election.

Afghan refugees demand permanent visas

More than 3000 Afghan refugees from across the country converged on Parliament House in Canberra on 8 February to press their demands for permanent visas and demand an immediate humanitarian intake of at least 20,000 from Afghanistan.

Morrison’s push for bigotry bill backfires

Scott Morrison has been humiliated after five Liberals crossed the floor in parliament to vote against him over amendments to the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Aged care deaths product of Morrison’s criminal boosters and funding failures

Amid the wider chaos over the Omicron wave of the virus, the government failure in aged care stands out as particularly deadly. There have been criminal delays delivering booster shots to some of the country’s most vulnerable people.

Austrian socialists: ‘We are against compulsory vaccination’

Austrian socialists Manfred Ecker and David Reisinger from Linkswende Jetzt spoke to Solidarity about vaccination measures and COVID protests there led by the right

Capitalism’s war against nature

Sarah Thorne talked to Jeff Sparrow about his new book Crimes against nature: Capitalism and global heating, an indictment of capitalism’s role in the climate crisis

A history of anti-nuclear resistance from mining to missiles

Opposition to the nuclear industry in Australia has managed to hold back its expansion—including through union action to ban uranium, explains Joshua Look

Why you should be a socialist

Maeve Larkins explains why socialism is the solution to the interlocking crises that dominate our world

As desperate Morrison falters—fight to finish him off

Scott Morrison is on the ropes. Opinion polls are running hard against the federal Liberals. The results in the NSW February by-elections also indicate that the anti-Liberal sentiment runs deep.

Imperialist rivalry raises risk of war in Ukraine

The military escalation is being fuelled by imperialism as the big capitalist powers fight for control over central and eastern Europe.

Vote NO to the proposed Victorian Government Schools Agreement

Essential workers can win better wages AND conditions, write Solidarity members of the AEU.

Morrison’s failures bring COVID chaos—kick him out

Yet again, Scott Morrison’s failure to prepare the health system has created a complete disaster over Omicron.

Djokovic deportation reveals more of Morrison’s immigration crimes

The cancellation of Novak Djokovic’s visa was a calculated political stunt.

Australia’s ‘grotesque’ arms exports fuel barbarity and bloodshed

Australian manufacturers are profiting from selling military technology and deadly weapons to brutal regimes around the world, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE and up to 18 African countries.

Spirit of revolt rocks Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s dictatorial leader, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has re-asserted his control over the country with the aid of Russian troops at the cost of 227 lives.

Australian troops no solution in the Solomons

Australia’s efforts in the Solomons are aimed at preventing rival powers from establishing a presence and to advance Australian imperialist interests.

Climate action and the election—Backing Liberal-lite independents not the answer

Independents are campaigning in a series of Liberal heartland seats targeting Morrison’s failure on climate change. Caitlin Doyle explains why they’re not the answer we need

Wool wars—when shearers’ unions took on state brutality

The 1891 Great Shearers’ Strike in Queensland was one of the defining industrial battles in Australian history. Adam Adelpour draws the lessons

Fifty years on—Aboriginal Tent Embassy showed ‘we will fight for what is ours’

The establishment of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Invasion Day in 1972 was one of the high points of the Aboriginal rights movement. It showed how protest could put Aboriginal rights on the agenda and win real changes.

‘This is the biggest BDS action held in this country’: Sydney festival boycott organiser

More than 100 artists and companies have withdrawn from the Sydney Festival in opposition to its “artwashing” of Israeli war crimes. Solidarity spoke to Fahad Ali, one of the organisers of the boycott campaign.

‘Voice to Parliament’ farce continues as Aboriginal oppression grinds on

Proposals from both the Coalition and Labor are a weak shadow of the historic demands for self-determination and sovereignty advanced by the Aboriginal rights movement over generations.

Morrison’s failures trash COVID safety for essential workers

Scott Morrison is forcing workers into unsafe conditions and fuelling the spread of COVID through new rules designed to protect business profits.

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